Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Dearest Gadget!

It rained a lot last night. It rained a lot this morning. Have I mentioned that it rained on my head?

Woke up at 5:30. Caught an 8:20 bus. Made it to the office on time. It was a boooooring day. I filed and played solitaire. (BTW Sis, you look as adorable as ever! Even in the big coat!)

Luckily the rain stopped for my walk back to the Ranch. I ate some breakfast for dinner and shmoozed with Freddie and me'Abba.

Thanks to the yo's for shlepping all my stuff to the Ranch for me. It was very much appreciated!

Happy news for today, aside for all the rain (which I take for all it's worth as a סימן ברכה) is that Mitch and Nancy are coming to visit in a couple of weeks! I'm soooo excited!! And this time we won't have to wash any dishes in the bathtub!!! (Nancy, maybe Freddie and I will even clean the bathroom!)

Final thoughts for today, the world is quite a screwy place. Can't please everyone and sometimes you can't please anyone. Though, you have got to do what you feel is right. Is it my fault that I am a hot-headed, right-wing, zionistic, fanatic? I don't know. My country means so much to me as do the laws by which I have chosen to live my life. I in no way wish to impose those rules upon others however, I do ask that they understand that there are certain protocols in The Land. I sincerely ask forgiveness from anyone who was hurt in my earlier rant. It was my overzealous pride and it got out of hand. It is a fault of mine and I must learn to control it.