Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quality Time...

First of all, check out the timestamp on this post. I figured this one should be 'true' especially seeing as half of what I write here isn't.

So, I met up with Little Brother. (After going to the back of the back and not just the back.) Then he made ME decide what to do and where we should go. (How unfair is that?)

The REAL reason that I am blogging a post-midnight post however is pertaining to what we wound up doing. Basically, we wanted to check out the 'Geulah Riots' for ourselves. Enough of this hear-say from our peers, we wanted to see the situation with our own eyes.

All I can say is, chaval I didn't have a camera with me. The sight was unreal.

Firstly, mounted police everywhere.
Secondly, the mob-squads and riot police.
Thirdly, the 'protestors' themselves.

It was wild. Kikar Shabbat is a total wreck. The traffic lights are out and the street signs are smashed. There are the mangled skeletal remains of a car that has been lit on fire more than once lying pathetically on the corner while the streets are littered and still the garbage frogs burn brightly, melting into puddles of sludge and unaware of the panic and choas that the 'Gay Parade' and 'Anti-Gay-Parade-Protets' are causing in our quiet little city.

Thanks much Little Brother! I enjoyed and next time - we'll get pizza. ;)

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tevie said...

it was fun!

and i stand by what i said that we could litter in front of all the cops and they wont care!