Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Romeo & Rosaline...

I was cold when I woke up this morning. Even my 4 blankets didn't help to ward off the chill.

Walked to the office. Mommy came to visit and we got bagels for lunch. I spent 4 hours all by myself in the office. (It was the singularly most boring thing that I have done in the last 6 months next to listening to a guy sing his own praises...)

After work I walked back to the Ranch and then headed out again to meet up with Shosh and Freddie for some Rosh Chodesh dinner.

It was good. Very good. Though the dude spoiled our plot and didn't include the vegetables.

I must concur on two counts though,

the first being the old adage of "boys will be boys"

and the second that, in all honesty it really is:

"אי אפשא לאכל צ'יפס בלי קטשופ..."

1 comment:

debsy said...

well i wanted to make some intelligent comment about mixing up shakespeare plays and wondering if things were 'as you like it'. only i then discovered that infact the fair lady in that play is not indeed rosaline but rather rosalind! its close!!!never mind!
in other news as its rosh chodesh i wanted a doughnut but for some reason the baker didn't have!!!! so not fair!!!