Monday, November 20, 2006


Who EVER said a diet was a plausible idea? I for one think that it is ridiculous. The absolute best thing is to eat what you want (within reason of course, ok Chaim?!) and just be sure to exercise enough to balance it out and stay fit.

Anyway - tonight is ראש חדש so I can consider it a 'splurge' can't I?

The walk back to the Ranch was brisk.
Went swimming and the pool wasn't crowded at all.
The second walk back to the Ranch was coooold.
Next time, I'll have to take a coat.

I had my first סופגניה of the season.

ריבת חלב and pool-time all in one day?

I suppose today wasn't so terrible after all...


me said...

Of course it wasn't bad...we actualy spent time together. sheesh- So whose to blame for the price going up- maybe u b/c u were with me (i never had an issue before)....yay for 'swimming', yay for mentos and yay for FOOD!!!!! and last but not least yay for MONEY (which neither of us have)

debsy said...

i want i want!!!!