Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wanna Dwink?...

Left the Ranch early this morning to stop off at the post office to pick up our special package (that finally arrived) from Becca and Cheli!!!

Work was. Chaya is back from her trip so I wasn't alone at the front after everyone left. Had some bonding time with my Big Sis :P over potatoes and tomatoes. (Ok, so really it was more like me driving her nuts and her putting up with me... but that IS what younger siblings are for, right?)

Anywho, so there I am trying to get the last bits of pink nail polish off of my recently traumatized nails. I'm sitting at the table and rubbing away trying to figure out why the remover smells so bad and why it is doing such a gawdawful job of getting the stuff off when I stop for a second and realize, "Lori, you idiot! That's rubbing alcohol..."

Of course, only post the shower do I actually remember the reason that we don't do laundry and use the water simultaneously.



P.S. Cookies from the Greenfields. Lol! It is very nice to have friendly neighbors!

1 comment:

debsy said...

You shock me lori!!! i can't believe u'd forget a thing like that!!! Hope you didn't get too electrified!! (Btw u were supposed to get that fixed not leave it!)