Thursday, December 21, 2006


Work was work. We did nothing overly exciting, aside from a 200 piece mailing. Z came to visit me for the last hour of the day and then I headed back to B.S. for Sim-n-Tov's engagement party in Sheinfeld.

Funny Story of the night -
First I almost missed the bus, but the driver let me on anyway. There were no seats so I thought I would stand. Then I wound up sitting on the back step and finally on the 'seat-of-terror' (in the middle of the back row.) On the way up from the stop at BIG I had one of those eye-rolling moments with Toffee. The chayal sitting next to me noticed and was both amused and unsure of how to respond to this blatant show of oddness. I looked at him, smiled and we both laughed. At the second to last stop before the Ampi he asked me for my number and I smiled and said, no. At the next stop he got off, wishing me a שבת שלום, חנוכה שמח & חודש טוב. As soon as the bus pulled away Toffee and I burst out laughing. Suffice it to say we had another one of our eye-rolling moments, but this time nobody noticed.

The party was cute and back at Home I restarted Little Brother's scarf four times and we made a sign for Da'Zingers who will be arriving in The Holy Land in the morning. (Ok, so Brenda made the sign, but it ONLY took 18 pieces of paper, right?!) Dum came too and she'll be here for Shabbos. This is gonna be an interesting weekend. I'll let you know what that means in a couple of days.

Gotta knit some more. I REALLY like how it is coming out!

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Rayzee said...

why'd you say no? a chayal!!!!