Sunday, December 17, 2006

Baby Fish Mouth...

So, it was a pretty early morning. Caught a 420 at 8:55 and headed up to The City. Work was the usual, but I got out early and headed Home to catch the 'Teens vs. Adults Game Nite' at the Shul. Personally, I enjoyed. I LOVE our community. Mostly because there aren't very many sane people in it. Anywho, we played lots of old 'game-show' games and had breakfast for an after-dinner snack. AND ice-cream.

As usual, pictures speak louder than words - though, there were some pretty amusing things said at this thingamajig...

Enjoy... Quality time with Freddie and Shani.
Squiggles the pancaked bear.
Shani and Vivi!!!
Vivi and Vered - get into the spirit!
Nice turn-out considering how 'cold' it was.
Awwwww, Ben... (Freddie, nice burp - for the record...)
Pancakes vs. Waffles at the after dinner breakfast snack time.
No Cheating Silly Brother!!!
Freddie and Shani!!!
All in all an exceptionally enjoyable evening. Back at Home I spoke to Daddy. He'll be on his way Home soon. (Though, I'm going back to Jeru, so I won't see him until Shabbos.) My toes are cold and I should go to sleep - I have to get up before 7.
Good night all - Happy 3rd night of Chanukah and remember,
Packet of Seeds... (x2)

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