Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bagels, Boys and Brrrrr....

Shabbos was really really nice!!! All around quiet and quite relaxing too.

Friday night... Where to begin. Well, shul, walked Home with Shani (who is unofficially her own person again), meal, couch time, met a new friend, rummikub (Little Brother - I didn't lose, per se' - though I didn't win either), walk up the hill, walk down the hill and finally sleep.

Shabbos morning I woke up at 7. Stepped on Tova as I promised that I would and made my way to shul. It was soooo cold. The meal was deeeeeeelicious. Lamed Hey shnitzel AND deli-roll? Mommy certainly outdid herself. ;)

Spent the whole afternoon in bed. Warm and cozy. Read and slept. Yep, slept quite a bit - though somehow not enough.

After Shabbos Freddie and I packed up to head back into The City. Caught the 8:00 bus at 8:33 and shmoozed with Erika and the squeaky one all the way into Jerusalem. I must add that the ride took much longer than anticipated - about an hour and a quarter to be exact.

Stopped at the Greenfield's for a Melava Malka and Seudat Hodaah. UFOs? Anything is possible.

As the bus hurtled down R'chov Rambam on it's usual route a typical silly-ish American yeshiva guy, (obviously unversed in the arts of bussing to and from Jerusalem) turned to ask us if we were almost in The City.

We stifled our laughter and settled in for the ride.

And thus begins the new week.

At least we were amused...

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