Friday, December 08, 2006

Coffee After Midnight...

So, I pulled a semi-all-nighter. It was actually really nice. Re-cap on last night - so a new friend came over to play, cause according to sources there was supposed to be a kitchen party but sadly it fizzled and everyone went to sleep.

Still, I did bake chocolate chip cookies until 2 in the morning. I also spent over an hour on the phone with Eli, which left me with what the genie would call 'a crick in the neck' especially because I was doing the shoulder/phone thing whilst scooping cookie dough.

Shabbos looks like it's going to be fun. Little Brother and Nootch and Malia are all supposed to be coming and Shani should be Home not to metion mebbe Z will stop by to visit. I think it's gonna be quite interesting.

Have a great shabbos and smile!

After all, tomorrow could be worse... ;)