Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ok, so it has been a really good week.

This morning I dragged my cold self out of bed and tried to straighten up The Ranch. I decided to bus to work (cause I was carrying all my stuff) and I realized that I needed a new cartisiyah. So, I got on the bus and told the driver what I needed - he stared at me incredulously and asked, "are you sure you're over 18?" I smiled and nodded and offered to show him my driver's liscense, but he decided that IF I insisted on paying more for a bus card than I needed to, that I was crazy and as we all know, you should never mess with a crazy person.

The office was amusing enough. In the span of 8 hours I actually filed one (out of 5) trays of paper and ate 2 PB&J sandwiches. Shosh showed up to deliver a Black&White cookie (have I mentioned my absolute favorite type of cookie) while I was out giving Mommy and MUD my backpack and stuff. I left a few minutes early but no busses were coming down Yafo so I still missed the 6:15 bus that I wanted to catch. On the 21 on the way to TM no less than 5 DIFFERENT people stopped me to ask me about my sweatshirt. They asked who I knew that was in the medics course and I told them my brother had taken and passed it! (Then I walked away laughing hysterically.)

I caught the next 415 and at Tzomet Shimshon I called the Mishpucha and told them to get in the car. About 10 minutes later there we were, at BIG, and Saba & Savta came too! We had a yummy dinner at 'Grill & Wok' and then we went out to the park where we played TAG up and down the jungle-gyms.

See, that's one of the things I treasure about my family. Who says that FUN is a 'kids only' thing?! I think that big people are entitled to enjoy themselves too. Sometimes there is nothing more freeing than just running around in circles with people that you love, yelling and laughing and not caring what all the stoics and boring people who make up the 'normal' section of society think.

Haha, you're it.

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