Saturday, December 09, 2006

Don't Flush Henry...

Friday night was kind of depressing. I left shul halfway through and ran Home where I cried myself a headache until Freddie came upstairs and said something about misreading pedophile as Philadelphia. The meal was interesting and then came sleep. Yes, blessed sleep. Away from the people and the problems. Sleep is a wonderful escape. Of course, going to sleep after 1/2 an hour of uproarious laughter with two people you really like is also a good thing.

Woke up in time for shul. Didn't go. Instead I went back to sleep and woke up at 10:45 in time for lunch. The meal was novel and then it was sleep-time again. I took my quilt and spread it out on the mirpeset upstairs. About two hours later someone was slamming doors which woke me just in time to put on shoes and run outside to catch the gang as they headed out for a shpatzir. The walk was cut short and then we went to Shani's room followed by my house for tea. Shabbos ended after I lost to Little Brother in Rummikub and then after havdalah everyone left.

What do I have to say? Well, for starters, guys who are gorgeous and know it are sooo annoying. Also, I hate it when Brits hang out with a bunch of Americans and think that the girls love them because they can say "ladies first" with the accent - especially when they have that voice that makes you want to melt.

Oh yes, and when making chocolate cake it is highly advisable to grease the pan and if you want to throw in chocolate chips...

be sure to roll them in flour first.

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Sassy Madricha said...

Your shabbos sounds pretty depressing... I'm sorry Lolly!! I hope you're feeling a little better now!

Also, can you please explain to me since I never understood, why is it that you have to roll chocolate chips in flour first?? Thanks!!

Love ya, Sassy