Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Feeling Ucky" Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It...

So I woke up this morning bright and early feeling quite 'ick' but I decided to go to work because, after all, life doesn't stop for a cold or a sinus infection or pneumonia (ChasV'shalom)... Does it?

Anywho, first I got yelled at by Mrs. Boss for coming in sick, because as she put it, "it was selfish, because all I was doing was getting everyone else contaminated." (I thought of it as sharing and spreading the joy.)

Anywho, I suffered through half a day and at 3 I finally gave up and crawled back to The Ranch, stopping on the way to pick up some veggies. Back in the building the elevator was working (as opposed to last night and this morning) and I put up a pot of soup and then crashed on the couch thanking whatever 'Powers That Be' for sparing me the 6 flight walk up.

And that is where I am still. With a scarf to knit (or three), (yet another) cup of tea, a book that I need to finish, Toffee & Fringe and a bag of honey candies - I think I am pretty much set.

I'm thinking I'll stay here until tomorrow at around 9 when I will call in sick and I guess I'll take it from there.

I hate being sick. The only perk is being able to stay in PJs all day long. Unfortunately, I tend to go stir-crazy when bored

and what is guaranteed boredom?

Sitting on a couch all day long.

Told ya, being sick stinks.

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