Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Follow that Rhinoceros...

So I woke up LATE this morning. Tried on EVERY article of clothing that I have at The Ranch and NOTHING fit right. No busses drove by TM for a span of about 10 minutes except for a 1, 3 and 27. Got to work 15 minutes late. The office was DEAD so I headed out with my Big Sis to the yarn store where I picked up yarn for the scarf that I'm going to make for Little Brother. Back at the office I was too lazy to do any filing so I plopped myself down in the Graphics Department and pretended to help (knitting all the while of course...)

The remainder of the afternoon flew by - except for when it kind of stopped at around 4:40ish. For no sane reason I stuck around until 6:30. On my way back to The Ranch I picked up some whole-wheat rolls (hot and literally fresh outta the oven) and some soup-making-materials. Eventually Suzana's boyfriend named Omer called and asked me for her cell-phone number. I shmoozed with him for close to 1/2 an hour and would you believe that at the end of the conversation he made a pass at me?! But the pick-up line was so cliche' it made me sick so I hung up on him. Whoops....?

Some final thoughts for tonight; Stupidity really grates on my nerves, I hate telephones, I've gotta find myself a guy, My toes and fingers are cold, Knitting is a lot of fun when you do it with a friend, Idlewild isn't toooooo bad


Days are what you make of them. Smile, it could almost always be worse and you ARE stronger than than you think.

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Anonymous said...

No idea if that last comment was davka meant for me or was a general comment - but sure felt like u were talking straight to me. Thanks! I needed it! (Masks are good for covering eyes you know)