Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fresh Outta Waldorfs...

Was today... Useful? Successful? Productive? Happy? Worthwhile? Amusing? Ridiculous? Long? Annoying? Neverending?...

Well, I ate a black & white cookie for breakfast. (Thanks Shosh!!!) I guess that was a good start. And I tried to straighten up The Ranch before leaving this morning.

The office today was novel. Spring cleaning in December? Ok, a little early - but that's not sooo awful. Actually took a lunch break with Chaya. Many thanks to TJ for watching over the front desk. :)

Busride Home was nice. Racheli Zitter and I shmoozed and we got some cute pics of "Bear on a Bus."

Mommy made the yummiest dinner. We laughed. A lot. Kittie tried to jump onto the breakfront. He missed. We laughed some more. Michalie was gonna come over and watch a movie but Beanie stole the movie. Then Mommy made use of my professional skills and had me send an e-mail. Good idea? I dunno, ask the recipient.

Now I think I am going to go grocery shopping with The Crazy Lady. Freddie and I WOULD go, but theoretically I still can't drive the car. Something about not being my Mother's spouse or something twisted like that. Darned rights.

Shopping cart races sound good though.

Race ya to aisle 4...

Boy do I need coffee.

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