Monday, December 11, 2006

Green Light?!...

Left The Ranch and bumped into Rebbetzin Kurtz. Walked to work and it was uneventful. Today was very busy catching up from yesterdays holiday.

Work dragged on forever and after work Chaya agreed to join me on a jaunt to satisfy my ridiculous ravioli craving. So, we went to Rimon and had a very enjoyable dinner. Well, I enjoyed - hope you did too... :)

As we walked out of the restaraunt who did we bump into but Little Brother! Seems I missed the party but I did get to meet Arielle and we shmoozed for a bit. Eventually we got too cold to stand around doing nothing so I bid them a good-night and headed back to The Ranch.

On the way I picked up some chocolate rugelach and now I'm working my way through a sad and depressing book called "The Prosperous Thief" by Andrea Goldsmith.

Last thought of the night, it certainly is cold up here.

Chicken soup anybody?

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yo'meanma said...

Maybe for shabbos :)