Saturday, December 30, 2006

Guhfiltah Fish...

Friday morning was cold. I made breakfast for Shosh and Debs and waited for Brenda to get to The Ranch. She was running late so I went to Geulah all by myself to pick up popcorn and candy. I think it was my first time ever bussing to and from Geulah.

Mommy and Daddy picked us up at the entrance of the city and we headed over to the King Solomon Hotel.

Friday night the family went to the Kotel to daven but I was cold so I stayed at the hotel with Brenda and Eli and we terrorized other guests. The Danzigers ate with us at our hotel and after the meal we shmoozed, played cards, bothered some more random people, bumped into old acquaintances and even listened to Daddy(?)

Eventually we all went to sleep, which would have gone well if Freddie hadn't taken up the whole bed. :P I'm convinced it was so complicated just because we didn't sleep the way we slept the first night in London. ;)

Woke up with plenty of time before shul. Freddie and I followed Daddy out and met up with Josh and Uncle Shnooky then we made our way all the way to the Mayanot Shul on R'chov Hama'alot. On the way we introduced our cousins to Yaakov & Eisav and even explained the theory behind the Borreka law. The eclectic gruop of Jews in shul was interesting but it was nice to sing some of our old tunes and nigunnim.

Lunch was late and drawn out but quite enjoyable and after the meal we headed over to the Inbal for some more cousin time. First we ate jelly beans and shmoozed then Freddie, Rachel and I took the Dibble to climb on the dragon in Gan Hapaamon. FInally back inside J,J,R and I played a game or three of Rummikub.

After Shabbos we headed out to 'Town' where we wandered up and down Ben Yehuda until we got hungry enough to go find some food. Pizza bread and coffee and hot chocolate cake were on the menu, but there were other more exciting things to watch than Freddie reading her book and Rachel's i-pod with issues. Of course we also saw Little Brother, Woof, the Squeaky-one and Erika. Uncle Shnooky even bought me a new friend, he will hang from my ceiling and bounce if I poke him. The man in the store said to feed him little fishies when we asked.

Eventually we made our way back to the hotels and said good-night. Freddie had to get back to the Hopsickal, because she was supposed to work a 'boker' shift (which stats at 7 am.) So, Mommy agreed to drive her back. I went along for the ride and we stopped off at The Ranch so that I could drop off some stuff and pick up some stuff. We shmoozed with Shosh and Debs for a while and then headed back to the hotel.

Funniest Comments over the Weekend:
- But I didn't see the wall.
- I think you made a mistake, that is NOT a real dragon. I think he is made out of stone.
- Imagine swallowing a drunk muppet, Grover and a trumpet.
- Who got the geek gene? You got the geek gene.
- _____ University...
- Kippaman, Kippaman, Kippaman, Kippaman.
- Would you like a pizza-bread so that I can take a bite of it?
- If she asks, tell her all her children have disappeared. I'm going shopping.
- WOW! Would you check out that dog's puppy?!?!
- Let's Import Mexicans. From where? From Mexico - DUH!

Sleep time. 'Nuff Said.

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