Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hookey, Cookie and *Sigh*

Ever worry about something cause you know it's wrong to do but you know you'll do it anyway because everyone else does it and because you deserve it and because the world won't end because of it?

Ok, so for me and my people-pleasing, overachieving, perfectionist being self - skipping work just does not happen.

Anyway, I had an appointment in RBS this morning and figured, like a 'good employee' that I would take 1/2 a day to do the stuff I needed to do and then go into the office late. Thing was, I REALLY wasn't in the mood. Overworked and underpaid and never having taken a 'sick' day in the 13 months that I've been working at the office I deserved it. So, after polishing up my smile I called the office and was informed that everyone was out at meetings and I should therefore not bother coming in.

So, I spent a day at Home. A random day with nothing to do. Do you understand that I sat around and did NOTHING?! It was wonderful. I knitted a bit and found new fun blogs to read and spent time with Mommy and that was it!

I'd like to do it more often but somehow I feel like that would ruin it. You know destroy the 'specialness' and make it too mundane.

Now I'm back in Jeru at The Ranch. Nothing much is going on. Dum is coming for Shabbos which is going to be lots of fun. I feel like I can be positive and talk about shabbos because it's already Monday in my book which means just 2 long days and 2 short days till the weekend again - and that's not sooo much, so I think I can deal.

Mommy bought me the funniest book this morning. I spent some time reading it today. I was highly amused. I suppose that now I should put what I read into practice.

I guess I just have to find someone to practice on...

Any volunteers?

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Sammy said...

practice? Are you going to start wearing face paints? because that book said that it enhances and lack of it only makes you look uncultured.