Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Litres and Reeds...

So, me and my sis wore the same color today. Pink. When did I become so girly and acquire this love of wearing pink?!

Work - so nothing really exciting happened at work. Though, I must admit, we did do some pretty hysterical laughing on the topics of dudes, zits and what was it - oh yeah, bosses.

Daddy left for Merry Ca this morning. He'll be back at some point between the 3rd day and 4th night of Chanukah. But till then I guess we'll just have to miss him.

On my way back to The Ranch I called Freddie on a whim. She and the squeaky one were at TM, so I stopped off to say hi. We had a shopping spree in SuperPharm and then the squeaky one went to catch a bus.

Freddie and I headed back to The Ranch where were made some grub and then settled on the couch to watch The Lion King 1 1/2. Hehe, Pumba ate the grub...

Now Freddie has fallen asleep on the couch and My legs have fallen asleep thanks to the ridicuous pretzel position that I have been sitting in for the last hour or so.

The problem is, they're numb and frankly I'm quite comfortable.

Z - Thanks for the phone call. Thanks for the suggestion. Have I mentioned how ridiculous you are?!

And thus my Tuesday ends...

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