Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Lot of A Lot...

I straightened my hair today. Everyone thinks something is up with me - like I'm secretly dating someone and not telling anyone about it because I've been getting dressed up lately and straightening my hair - well, lemme let you in on a little secret... There is NOTHING going on out of the ordinary in my life. No guys, no dates, no plans, basically no social-life whatsoever considering Little Brother has gone back to the Army and I spend so much time at work that I don't have time to find other people to hang out with.

I took a break this morning. I got sent to the far away post office so I went there and on the way my Big Sis and I stopped at the arts-n-crafts store and I got beads for a pink/caramel necklace and earrings and for a pair of pretty blueish-marbled-type earrings.

I rushed back to The Ranch and set up my menorah. Then I went over to the Greenfields to return the a borrowed bag of milk. The two littlest munchkins knocked on the door a few minutes later with some fresh homemade sufganyot. (So much for that diet thingy...)

When Shosh got home we lit and spent our 1/2 hour doing nothing much in particular then we got ready and headed out to Afikei for the annual Chanukah Chagiga! It was soooo nice (as usual.) We saw tons of the teachers and Sassy was there and Dina and on the bus back to The Ranch we even saw Yael (used to be M, but now is married.)

Tomorrow I am going to the office early. Why? Because my boss asked me to? No, more because I am a sadistic sort of person who wants to see how much torture and agony she can withstand before she breaks.

I need a new job. I'm not complaining, I am merely stating. It is becoming realized fact to me - as soon as it is a concrete fact and all perks of the position that I now hold are null and void - I WILL move on. I need to. I have no option. Gosh darn it.

Happy 5th night everybody!!!

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