Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Moving Ballad of a Murdered Pen...

Jake was no ordinary pen. He wrote eloquently and with a passion for revealing the truths of this world in the written word. Sadly, his untimely demise came some time on a glorious Sunday at the beginning of December. As he crossed the oft-deserted side road out of nowhere a herd of water buffalo stampeded towards him. About 6 hours later I found him lying in the gutter. His precious life-blood oozing out of him in a sticky mess and the blue ink stained the street around him. It was truly a horrific sight to behold.

Work was as usual - mostly boring with a hint of humor thanks to the happy toe-socks.

Somehow I managed to leave The Ranch without my wallet so I was forced to walk both ways. It must've been cold because I made it back to Kiryat Moshe in just 19 minutes.

The heat in the building has actually been turned on. I must admit I that am amazed.

Oh yeah, the nicest thing to happen to me today - a thank you note.

I'm telling you, most people just underestimate the power of the little things. (And I don't mean the little things like, saying 'gazuntheit' when someone sneezes.) I mean the little things that for all intents and purposes you could get along without and they take some extra time but they are really really really appreciated. So thank you - you know who you are - and truth of the matter is, we are really glad that you enjoyed, because we certainly did too!

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