Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nicky Kentish Barnes...

6:15 am - Woke up. First thought, "My nose is cold." Second thought, "Why am I
awake I have another hour to sleep?" Third thought, "Why is there something
poking me in the back?" Fourth thought,
"Danged teddy bear."

7:30 am - "Hmmmm, I guess I should be getting up right about now if I want
to make my coffee date."

8:26 am - Leave The Ranch, almost fall down the stairs, get squashed by the
elevator door, "Darn it's cold out, why didn't I wear PJs?!?"

8:35 am - (In front of תחנה מרכזית.) *phone rings* "Don't leave your
apartment, I slept through my alarm." Call Freddie looking for
some compassion, "Quick quick, what do you want?!" *sniff* "Nothing.
Nothing. Sorry." I hang up the phone.

9:00 am - Sitting on the couch dejectedly. Trying to decide whether to cry
or not. "Not worth it," I think to myself and "Why not?" I wonder.

9:20 am - Leave for the office. "Boy, it is chilly out today..."

9:50 am - Walked into the office after a long walk down Yafo. On my walk this
morning I had many interesting encounters, among them; a dead mangled mouse
("how did it get turned totally inside out?" ), Fish Delivery Truck and obnoxious
males ("Why is it always the old ugly ones?!?")

10:01 am - Filing begins...
10:36 am - Busy Work "Why can't you print your own e-mails?!?! Just hit the little
printer button! You seem to be able to do it just fine the rest of the time!!!"
10:53 am - Swamped with work and the boss tells someone that "The papers REALLY
need to be filed." She retorts, "Well, I have a zillion different things to do."
And all I can think ironically enough is, "Oh goody, more work for me to do..."
11:45 am - "Let's go out." said my sister. "Let's, in 15 minutes." I said.
12:10 pm - Break time. Ran some errands, checked out the arts-n-crafts place,
hair-things and pretty barettes and lunch (of course) borekkas and donuts with pink-glaze. :)
13:15 - said a little prayer of thanksgiving as I once again assured myself that
depending on other people is one of THE biggest mistakes a person can make.
15:00 - things got a bit better.
16:00 - will today never end?
16:42 - Little Brother called "Let's go see a movie tonight." All I could say was. "OH YES! LET'S!!!"
16:55 - Nootch came by to visit.
17:13 - Little Brother sent me a message to the effect of, no worries about
busses, I have the car!!
"WOOOOOHOOOO!!! the day just dramatically improved."
17:57 - 'emergency', (the kind I usually wind up staying late for...)
they don't have the thing they need and it's somehow my fault though
I've never heard of it before. Correction, it is NOT my fault, BUT I should
take care of it because as I've explained, 'if you want something done right,
you have to do it yourself.' Luckily for me, I am not THAT exuberant about
working overtime nor do I actually have any personal attachment to the work
that I do on a daily basis so what did I say? "Frankly, I don't care. Not my problem. Toodles."
"Bitchy? Probably. Wrong of me? Not really. Nice? Definitely not. Do I care? Can't say I do."

18:15 - Little Brother calls, "Where were you? Did I pass you?"
"Umm, well, I guess so since SOMEHOW you're ALL the way down the block."

19:00 - Arrive at the mall.
19:10 - Tickets. Full Stop.
19:30 - Showtime...

21:30 - "That was a really cute movie! Very British, but I can appreciate that - so it's alllllll good."

22:00 - Pizza by Freddie's place? "YES!" Hehehe... And YES, it WAS cold out.

22:15 - Isn't my lil bro such a sweetie? He took me back to The Ranch
and didn't make me walk back from the highway. :)

Wrap-up... Days like today are not rare. The bad stuff just seems to happen and
there's nothing I can do to stop it. I tried to be happy - but like my Sis tried to
explain to me, we're all bipolar to some extent and even more-so, I have an excuse,
I'm a FEMALE!!!!!!! Anywho, at the end of the day, (literally) everything was good.
I'm all happy and cheery and full of pizza and strawberry-glazed donut -
so I don't really have anything to complain about.

I think the perfect ending to a decidedly screwy day will be candles and a book.
A good book I think and some hot-chocolate. Oh yes, and lots and lots of vanilla scented candles...


~{~~@ said...

I'm jealous....
a movie?!
Haven't done that in ages :(
Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Aww, cheer up Lori. At least you had fun with friends and family. And don't forget- Shabbos is coming!!! :)

tevie said...

" Isn't my lil bro such a sweetie?"
you do know i expect pay back for the extra 2min drive and ill be in the form of a cookie :P