Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh Suzana...

Okey doke, so I started this post at the office at approximately 5:45 after EVERYONE but me had left the office. I was just sitting around, filing, staring off into space and wondering why I felt like I had taken a bath in oil. Then I realized - I'd better get off this donut kick, cause there is NO way it's healthy to be consuming the copious amounts of oil (with a donut on the side) that I have been ingesting.

Let's see, what happened today... Well, first I couldn't drag myself outta bed so Shosh had to do it for me. Then the shower was cold as well as the apartment. My hair wouldn't cooperate (go figure.) and I didn't have any appropriately cute socks to wear so I decided to just look like a shlumpf. (Then again, do I ever look put together?!!?)

Work was relatively hectic but I managed to get everything done (I hope.) Slipped out at some point in the afternoon to meet up with Shalom and to pick up a donut for my Sis. (Really, you think I'm joking when I say I'm moving into your apartment - but I'm serious. So, I hope you have a reasonably comfy couch...) :)

It is now 9:20 and time (I feel) to continue my post...

Left the office an hour early and walked down to Coffee Bean where I met up with Woof, Little Brother and The Squeaky One. The cute guy at 1:00 was a great view while Little Brother choked on sugar, The Squeaky One shot straw wrappers at us and Woof stuck stickers on everyone (though somehow I wound up with all 4 of them.)

Then we walked up and down the midr'chov trying to find earrings and the Woof's phone. The next two stops were the pizza place and schwarma. Then The Squeaky One got on a bus and then there were 3. We stopped at Marzipan for some bobka?! and then walked back to TM, waving at A Big Door, Maayana and A Dare It who passed by on a bus. At TM an 8 came so Little Brother got on it and then there were 2. Woof and I walked the rest of the way to The Ranch and she left me at the door and headed off into the wild blue yonder - and then there was one.

It was a good day. Hope tomorrow and Thursday go just as well... :)

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debsy said...

....wont you cry for me? Although i think i did enough of that yesterday myself for the whole world! And not sure if you're asking me to do it for u cos of the title, or i'm asking you to do it for me.....running on no sleep here so pls ignore random commnets i think i'm making!!