Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pearls and a Sweatshirt...

Nice Shabbos. Very nice Shabbos as a matter of fact.

Friday night we went to Shul. Dum was over and Shani stopped by Friday night. The Tall One walked me further down the path than he needed to and on the bright side (for him) he's taller again. Back at Home we had a drawn out meal, sang every song and shmoozed. Then we ate chocolate cake and were asleep by 9:30.

Woke up at ''8 to 2" according to The Dibble and I made it to Shul only 15 minutes late. Shul dragged on because of the bar-mitzvah and finally we got Home and ate quite an enjoyable meal. Then we retired to the couches in the living room to relax. Eventually people started trickling in. Shalom, Z and Robin Hood all made their ways to our house. We didn't do much, sat around, shmoozed, talked to Teddies, tossed some animals, talked about the cats, read and I even won you-know-what-kub against Little Brother.

After Havdala we drove everyone back to their respective places and then went shopping at BIG to get some cheese and potatos. Back at Home we made pizza and latkes and lit our menorahs.

Toffee wore a purple kumta while Freddie sat on Little Brother and me and read stories. Dum tried to play the music from Tarzan and Brenda read the Chanuka Story for Night Number 3.

Night number 3? But it's only the Second night.

More tomorrow...

שבוע טוב and חנוכה שמח!!!


tnspr569 said...

Sounds like you had fun even after everyone left! A "family party", huh?

Miryam said...

"... BY ME, MATISYOHU DOV BER CHAIM TZVI!!" I totally love that book, and so does my whole family. My little bro's name is Chayim Tzvi, so he always thought it was about him. Silly little self-centered child!!

Happy Chanukah, Lori!! I miss you so much, and wish we were lighting candles and making latkes in the dorm right now. No more ribat chalav sufganiyot for me :-(.

I know some people are going to be in Israel for their winter breaks, but not for me, unfortunately. I was looking at tickets, but they were crazy expensive unless I would travel through Istanbul. I decided that it was not worth it to travel to Israel if I would only make it there in a little shoe box, so I passed.

Miss you tons and hope your Chanukah lights serve as an inspiration to you. May the light of all the lights illuminate the entire world with the light of truth and Torah.


P.S. Eragon movie is coming out soon!! Jeremy Irons as Brom? I don't think it will get much better than that!!! ;-p