Sunday, December 31, 2006

Teddy Want An Orange?

Woke up all alone in a big double bed. It was cold.
Made my way from the hotel to the office.
It was a yom tzom so we were hungry.

For break-fast I went to Rimon with TJ and Chaya. Toffee came along too and we really enjoyed people watching, though none of us were really there mentally. I think the only appropriate phrase would be 'zonked.' After saying g'bye I headed down Bezalel to אהבת הים to meet up with the mishpuchuh. Rachel let the Dibble listen to her ipod and even 'educated' him. (Which finger means it's good?) We left the restaraunt and made our way to the car where Freddie and I said our farewells to the Danzigers and then we walked up towards TM. Along the way we wound up taking a detour up Agrippas, where we bumped into people we knew. Then we made a phone call and a little birdie told us to go to Coffee Bean. There we bumped into Robin Hood and co., saw Zalman (no - you CAN'T steal Toffee) and finally turned around and walked back to our side of town.

Guhfilta is happily hanging from the doorframe of the living room at The Ranch and I think it is time to finally unpack from Shabbos.

Speaking of Shabbos, I don't know what to do. Lots of people and no time for naps.
I wonder if the one that I actually want to spend time with will come over.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.
Merry Sylvester Y'all
& Happy 2007...

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