Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanks Kalman Moshe... :)

I almost can't remember this morning. However, I have vague recollections and heretofore shall I endeavor to relate them in as concise a manner as possible...

The alarm went off at 7:00 and I jumped out of bed to turn it off. It was cold. Luckily the shower was hot and I managed to get packed and dressed in about 1/2 an hour and was out the door before anyone else in the house was up.

The busride into Jeru was annoying. Even more annoying was the relatively cute twit who was staring at my sweatshirt and stubbornly refused to ask me who I knew in the course.

Back in The City I ran up to The Ranch to drop my stuff off and then I ran out to the office. Talk about stupidity and unfairness, not to mention employee bashing and a definite lack of appreciation. I informed my boss that I will be taking a day off, he says I have no vacation days left, I told him to take it off my salary and to deal with it. I simply don't care anymore.

After covering for a co- and working so hard my head spun I left the office at 4:45ish. Downstairs I met up with Feige and we shmoozed for a little and did some catching up. She's so cute, trying to convince me to get a real job where the employees are appreciated, there is room for advancement and there are NO phones!!!

Back at The Ranch, Shosh and I lit candles, Sis helped me find a 'bright side' to my day, we sat around, wished Becca a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then headed out to find some dinner. We wound up with the most disgusting assortment of food-stuffs; a pie of Pizza, a big bottle of Coca-Cola, Doritos and Rugelach. After eating enough to satisfy a small country we headed out to the pool for some much needed swimming. I'm sure the water was nice, but I was much too tired to swim so I relaxed on a pool-chair and read my book.

Back at The Ranch I stopped at the neighbors to 'borrow'(?) a bag of milk and then I made some hot chocolate for the both of us.

I think I need some sleep.
Correction, I KNOW I need sleep.
Good Night and a Happy 4th night to all...

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