Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whoa, Squiggly Wiggly...

Friday morning the Danziger's arrived in The Holy Land. Daddy picked them up from the airport and shuttled them to Bet-Shemesh for some breakfast. Little Brother stopped by and eventually we drove up to Jeru. We picked up Freddie, stopped at the promenade and dropped them off at the hotel.

Back at Home Shabbos prep was underway. We had 4 seminary girls over (Dum, Barrie, Tamee and Dina.) Friday night we walked over to Nofei Aviv. It was Benzi Derkberg's ufruf, so there was a whole party going on at the shul. Shani had walkd with us and decided she was ready to go so we headed towards Home, taking a long detour down Herzog, up Reuven till Rashi and then Home. By the time I got into bed I was zonked. When I woke up in the morning I was so congested and my head hurt so badly that I was unable to drag myslef out of bed. I made it downstairs for some sudafed, salad and finally plopped myself down on the big chair and spent the rest of shabbos there. So Shabbos was nice enough I suppose. Then Shani called me and asked to come borrow a movie. I said no problem and she came over with Sawa and the Reishit boy of the week. (I was highly amused, but I DO understand why he'd make a very cute little drunk.)

At about 7:30 the whole family piled into the car and drove up to Jeru. First stop - pizza. We met up with the cousins and shmoozed. Then we did the touristy thing and walked up and down and up and down and up Ben Yehuda. Of course, we enjoyed because Freddie, Rach and I went puppy watching.

Though I have got to admit - it was QUITE wrong to be checking out that chayal, because as Mommy pointed out, "hey, isn't that our neighbor?!" HAHAHA!!! Oh well. So much for that.

But darn it, he WAS scruffy.
Well, there's always next time...
Shavua Tov!!!

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Sassy Madricha said...

Hey Lolly! Glad to hear you had such a fun and exciting Shabbos!! It was sooo nice to see you last week by the way... We should do it again sometime!

How did you change the word from "Posts" to "Shmidgets"? I want shmidgets too... Google?

I miss ya!!