Monday, December 25, 2006

''you won't take his love...'re being picky."

So I called in sick this morning, seeing as I spent the night awake coughing and sneezing. Deborah arrived this morning at some ridiculous hour - so when I woke up I got to see her.

For lack of desire to move I spent the entire day on the couch. I did nothing more than use up tissues, watch Harry Potter and work on Little Brother's scarf.

Mommy, Daddy and Eli showed up at some point to drop off some chicken soup and more tissues.

Basically, today was an unproductive wasted day. I hate days like that AND I still don't feel better. Tomorrow is back to normal, work and the usual 9 hours at the office.

I'm off to read some more and snuggle with Toffee.
Mebbe I'll drink some more tea.
Down with tea. Yech.

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Savta and Saba said...

Dear Lori,

Refuah Shlema.