Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"What you get free costs too much..."

I had this whole beautifully inspiring post written chock-full of quotes and sayings and it was all tied together, well, beautifully. Sadly, it was not meant for general consumption - for tonight anyway, as it deleted itself as I typed. So, if I ever get around to it, I will attempt to set it in prose once again.

Not much to say about today. Work was work. I spent most of my day bothering my Sis. I think she tried to kick me out, but I was oblivious thanks to my total lack of enthusiasm for work and all things work related.

At least I looked cute today. Right?

Boy oh boy. I certainly dislike 'life decisions' - they really are a drag.

I think I'm concluding things though.
I'm just not desperate enough to want to do this any more.
Maybe in a couple of years.
Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Random thoughts for the night:
“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."
"Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today should have been MY day. I actually gave my current employers the 'two weeks notice' that I will be leaving my office. They were not pleased (to say the least) but it is for the better. Though, I will miss my co-workers.

After work I made my way to TM where I met Shalom and we took the bus back to בית שמש. I got 'presents' (what is blush?) and speeches and went to bed relatively early.

I can't help it that I have big dreams and high standards. I was taught to strive for the best (within reason) and to give my 'all' to the things that I do - whether or not I will receive recognition for them. I was also brought up not to expect recognition for every little thing that I do.

All around I think that I am a pretty sensible person. I do not often do dangerously reckless things and I am not in the habit of doing stupid things.

Yes, I can be loud and friendly, but I also have a very quiet side that really just wants to curl up into a ball and disappear from the world.

Maybe when everyone stops telling me that I am shallow, judgemental and that my standards are nothing more than overly high ridiculously fanciful notions - then I will stop feeling so terrible.

After all, I only expect from others what I expect from myself.

I do not expect perfection - but it's damn near close...

Monday, January 29, 2007

"you'we afwaid..."

I woke up veeeery early this morning. (Ok, well early is a relative term for me.) By 7:30 I was out of The Ranch and on my way to Sassy's place. We shmoozed and she finished convincing me that the time has come to make some changes in my life.

An hour and a half later, at the office, I was inclined to agree. Work was crazy and I didn't have the will to sit still. I spent most of the day wandering around aimlessly and trying to avoid busy-work. I was pretty successful and am mildly surprised at how efficiently I managed the task. Don't get me wrong - I did PLENTY of work. But, I didn't do anyone else's work - which is something almost unthinkable.

After walking back to The Ranch in the stinging wind, my nose was frozen and I felt like I had double ear infections. I decided to pass on swimming (seeing as my entire sense of balance was off kilter.) So, I sat around and waited for Shosh to get home. We bonded over pictures and jellybeans and now I do believe that it is time to retire for the night.

Regarding the picture - it is just one more proof that Pollys and their (stuffed) animals are...

Well, they are...tied together in some cosmic way. I'm sure that makes sense somehow or somewhere - just don't ask me why...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

They Have No Idea...

Made my way back into The City with Dum this morning. Unacked my stuff at the Ranch and then headed off to the zoo. Worked for 8 hours straight with something along the lines of a 5 minute break and then left almost 20 minutes late. On my way back to the ranch I stopped off at the shuk and then again to find some שוקוs.

First I got to see Little Brother and give him his present. Eventually Freddie came over and we spent some quality time. First we made some really yummy soup and I forgot about the noodles. The we watched a movie while the potatos cooked. Of course, the soup wasn't ready until much later, so we watched another movie while we ate.

Now it is beyond bedtime. Adventures planned for tomorrow. Stepping ahead.
I'm not making a difference yet - but I'm getting there.

Something and Steady wins the race.
The question is, what is something?

Saturday, January 27, 2007


The Gordons came for Shabbos. It was really nice! Friday night was great, I got to see everyone and Woof and The Squeaky One walked down. Shabbos afternoon was fun, we walked through the rose garden and then took an hour long nap in the grass on רח' הגפן.

After Shabbos Daddy drove the Gordons to the airport. :(

I spent almost 3 hours cleaning my room but to no avail. The mess simply will not go away. Not to mention the fact that I have NO idea how I am going to get all of my stuff back to Jerusalem.

I can tell it's going to be one of those kind of weeks.

Maybe I'll get to spend some time with Little Brother.
That would make it a little better.
Shavua tov to you though...

Thursday, January 25, 2007


You know those colors that you think can only be found in a box of Crayola crayons? Well, this morning I managed to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful shade of deep aquamarine eyes that I have EVER seen. Would you believe that I actually went into the office today? No, I didn't sleep last night and yes I went to work. Luckily my boss wasn't there so I filed and did a lot of nothing. Then the Mr. Boss let me go Home early - which was nice.
At Home all was as normal as anything in my house ever is. Mommy is still in Merry Ca so the family is fending for themselves.
Frankly, we're doing ok - so long as you keep us away from the camera... (Mommy!!! Come HOME!!!)
Eli made us pizza-y things for dinner and Freddie made a BIG pot of veggie soup (with mushrooms?)
Freddie and I were supposed to clean our room - but it's 11:30 and we still haven't even thought abut starting. (Though, we did manage to make up the beds for most of the Gordon Family who will be joining us for Shabbat.)
I was supposed to read 'Wacky Wednesday' and 'Sam and the Firefly' to the Dibble - but while I was upstairs trying to dig them out of my suitcase he fell asleep. I guess he really was tired...
Brenda hasn't been feeling well. As a matter of fact I didn't even see her tonight. She locked herself in her room and went straight to sleep when she gt Home from school. I hope she's feeling better tomorrow. :(
Here is Daddy playing GPS and trying to help Mr. Gordon navigate the streets of Yerushalayim.

Meanwhile, Freddie is practicing piano and I SHOULD be getting some sleep. But first we really really need to clean our room. Shani came over earlier and said it was messy - and when Shani agrees that our room is messy... it is in REALLY bad shape.
With my crazy hectic schedule tomorrow all I can say is,
G'nite and a Splendiferous Shabbos to all!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"I'm sweeping, I'm sweeping..."

That was one of the quickest plane rides I think I have ever been on from North America to Israel. A nice lady sat in the window seat, the middle seat was empty and I had the aisle. I even managed to sleep for a couple of hours.

Back in The Holy Land Zalman surprised me at the airport then Daddy and The Dibble picked me up and Home we went.

Dibble 'helped' unpack my suitcases in an effort to uncover the 'presents' that I brought Home for him.

Eventually Brenda helped me shlep everything upstairs to the tower and then we had some sister bonding time over the movie "Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights." The music was amazing and the dancing was HOT! At least, I thought so.

Now I'm trying to find a surface to sleep on and in the morning I'm off to Jeru for a full day of work.

Vacation is over and it stinks BIG-TIME.

Down with work!!!
Down with...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Martha on Tour...

Lazy, crazy morning. Didn't do much of anything useful. Well, we did go shopping (again) but it wasn't too exciting. I think that I am officially shopped out. (Now that I have admitted this publicly my mother, father and bank account can all sigh in relief.)

This evening the women of the community all went out to dinner together. Of course, my mother was the 'guest of honor' (after a fashion) so I was able to tag along. It was very nice and quite entertaining.

For lack of anything more exciting, I present to you...

A like, A dislike and A Bad Habit:
- I like PINK.
- I (strongly) dislike driving.
- I bite my nails when I'm stressed out.

Random Thought of the Night: I would like to be able to put the world on mute every once in a while. I'd like to be able to do this for 2 main reasons. First of all because sometimes all of the noise just gets annoying and secondly because it just looks so funny. (Think about it. I mean, when's the last time you watched tv on mute?)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Missin the Guys & the Good Ol' Days...

Started my day with a smile and a reminder that things are all out of my control and in the hands of a power much greater than little me.

Mommy and I headed out to the Danzigers for some family time. Grandpa and Pearl stopped by and parts of the Miller family came too. The food was great, the chips were rippled, the entertainment was great and looking through the photo album of their recent trip to The Holy Land really made me chalish to get back to the Old City, the Kotel and Home in general.

After family time we headed out to Target (again) - It really is a fun store. Then we went to Best Buy where I picked up the original 'Land Before Time' on DVD! :)

Back at Chabad we learned the difference between noodles and pasta.
Now we're going to make Rice Krispy Treats - but first, Marshmellow Fluff!!!

I can't believe my trip is almost over. :(
But there's still tomorrow and Tuesday. :)
And though I DO miss Home. :(
I certainly am enjoying vacation. :)

Still, at the end of the day - I can't wait to get Home!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Schluffmaster 9000...

Ok - so that was decidedly the most wonderful Shabbos that I have spent away from Home in a VERY long time.

But I'm getting ahead of myself - as usual. Please allow me to digress...

So, our erev-shabbos trip to Freehold went very smoothly and we were quite successful. First at the mall (though we didn't go up the down escalator and down the up...) and then at Barnes and Noble. I could live in Barnes and Noble. Seriously, we walked in and I went straight to the Sci-Fi section where I sat down on the floor and made my way up and down the bottom three rows in all of the Sci-Fi aisles. Then of course, I repeated the procedure whilst standing.

By the time Shabbos came in I was more than ready for a break. The Friday night meal was long and hysterically funny - not to mention delicious. Between memory tests, stories in Spanish and letting me and Chanale sit next to each other - it was highly entertaining to say the least.

I made it to shul on time with no problem. (It really is nice to be able to roll out of bed, walk down a flight of stairs and be in shul.) The seudah was (obviously) incredible. The REAL treat was having the Danzigers join us at the Chazanow's table! It was absolutely wonderful! I am really glad that they agreed to come!!

By the time the seudah was over, Shabbos was almost over too.

Now we've got to find something fun to do. I'm hoping to get some more Chanale time in - I really do miss having her around.

Thanks for the cookies Tova! They were DEEEELISH!!!!!! :)

Shavuah tov!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

“But, I showered on yom revi’i…”

We called to wish the family Shabbat Shalom. Obviously we got to speak to everyone (you know, it’s so much nicer to get something personalized than a general greeting.) Boy oh boy, that little dibble always manages to amuse me. I must admit, I am a bit nervous about the status of the house – something about the washer and the washing and showers or lack thereof…

It snowed this morning. (I kind of like the word Snew – I mean, throw in the past tense is threw – so why not snow?) Sort of a shame that I haven’t actually picked up my camera from the Danzigers yet. 2 snows and nothing to show for it (well, aside from wet shoes, cold toes and the memories.)

On the erev-shabbos agenda…

Barnes & Noble – books books books…
Macy’s – More clothes!!! Yippee!!!

Have an AMAZING day!!
And remember to SMILE!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Saran Wrapped Toes...

We actually slept in this morning and wound up getting a late start.

First I chilled with Reva and then after putting the 'babies' to sleep and some ice-cream, Mommy and I headed out. First we stopped off in Highland Park to visit with Mommy's friend Aviva and then we headed into Manhattan for some quality time with Aunt Sabrina and Robin.

On the way into the city the weather took a turn for the fuzzy as soft fluffy snowflakes lazily floated out of the sky. It was my second snow of the season and though fun, it was (as Uncle Michael pointed out) not as exciting as the snow in Jerusalem, mostly because in Jerusalem nobody knows how to drive in the stuff.

We met Aunt Sabrina and Robin at their building and got a chance to see Lisa's room completed and the kitchen. Then we headed out for some relaxation time. Pedicures followed by dinner. It was a wonderful way to spend a day - AND - no 'shopping' at all! :)

But, on our way back down rt. 9 we stopped off at Shoprite (for sentimental sorts of reasons - something special about a Thursday night shopping there) and we picked up some presents for some certain people - (of the chocolate and peanut butter variety...)

Back at Chabad I am ready to crash.

On tomorrow morning's agenda - Barnes & Noble.
New books for me!
I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mint Chocolate Chip...

Wake up was 5 AM. Which would have been ok, except for the fact that I felt obligated to work on the scarf until 7ish.

We made it out at about 10 and headed towards Lakewood.

Our only real goal of the day was to get my new coat tested for sha'atnez.

Along rt. 9 we did parts of the '9 run' - stopping at TJ Maxx (where I got the yummiest king size fuzzy blanket - which mommy exclaimed would be, "perfect for cuddling in...") and Michael's where we picked up a ton of arts-n-crafts stuff (the best deal being the $1 skeins of 'fun yarn' which I got quite a few of for yet another project to add to the plate - fun pillows for the couch. Funnily enough, the yarn reminds me of Grover.) We did a quick run through NPGS for candy corn and jelly-beans and we even picked up some bagels.

Finally the sha'atnez lab was open so we dropped off my coat and they obliged us by checking it 'on the spot' - b"H it was pronounced "kosher" - so armed with my new coat we headed off to Kohl's.

In the next few hours I; lost Mommy, almost lost the phone, found tee-shirts and chose more new socks than anyone could ever need.

Finally we headed back to the Chazanow's and once there we shlepped our bags upstairs and crashed in the kitchen.

It's so nice to be staying at Chabad, because I really have missed the hustle and bustle. Only now (after how many years?!) I am realizing HOW MUCH the Chazanow's do and how busy the 'central-command' of the community really is. It is incredible how many things are precariously balanced while other things are in the works and other productions are seamlessly 'pulled-off' all simultaneously.

Well, I find it amazing and frankly, the only thing that I can say that I truly miss is the insanity of having a REALLY open house in conjunction with the Chabad of Western Monmouth County.

I wouldn't give up living in Israel for anything - but I certainly wish that the amazing work that is being conducted in this small township of NJ could be 'outsourced' to some random little country in the Middle-East.

Like maybe,


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Four Chin Cookies...

So between 4-5 A.M. I worked on Little Brother's scarf. Maybe it'll be done by the time that I get Home...

Went to Tova's parsha shiur and then we took Rabbi C's car and headed out.

First stop - Levy's for some breakfast.

Second stop - Target!!! Ok, so we spent almost 3 hours there. So much fun!!!

Third stop - THE Mall!!! I even managed to find a coat and shoes! How incredible is that?!

Last stop of the day was the Gordon's for dinner. They are leaving for The Holy Land tomorrow morning so we wanted to get in some 'quality time' before they fly off. Chinese and shmoozing and then we took their car and headed back to Chabad.

I drove!!! Hahahaha!!!! I had almost forgotten how much fun it was to drive the crazy windy roads around here in the pitch darkness!

CHANALE quality time!!! She's here! Gotta go bond!!

Yay! Let the party begin! :)

I Got an E-mail :)

Ok, so it's really 7:35 PM - because (as you all know) I am currently situated in the Chazanow's dining room, near the window so I can mooch a neighbor's wireless signal - or more simply, I'm back in Manalapan. Talk about old stomping grounds.

Left the house bright and early, and I even forgot to put on one of my socks. (What is it with me and the forgetting/losing socks thing lately?!) Check-in was easy (if you discount the excitement of the chefetz chashud and the flight was long (almost 12 hours) and bumpy too. I spent a few hours reading, a few hours listening to my 3 song mix on shuffle & repeat and a few hours working on the gum-wrapper-chain.

After the luggage disaster in which the Dominican Republic was given precedence over Israel, Uncle Michael picked us up at the airport and he even had a sign with our name on it! The ride down to the M's was the same as I always remember it being. Flat, industrial, strip-mally and ugly.

Finally we arrived safe and sound at the Chazanow's. Which is, as I explained in the first paragraph where I find myself now.

Tomorrow the fun begins.

So many places to go and things to do.

And as nice as it is to be here, I can't wait to get Home.

Alright, I'm off to crash.

Stay tuned... ;)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Danger of Wounded Spaghetti...

Woke up early and attempted to straighten up the room. (The fact that I made no impact on the mess makes no difference - I tried. And THAT is what counts.) Made the 8:20 bus into The City which afforded me time to walk to the office.

Work - ha. I really do love my co-workers. They are the decidedly the bestest crowd to have around on an insane day. (Which today was.)

After work I wandered into town to pick up some stuff for my cousin and then I made my way back to תחנה מרכזית. While sitting and waiting for the bus I started thinking about all of the things on my to-do list, that need to be done before I take-off and I almost broke down in tears. (I have this crazy sort of hatred of leaving The Holy Land for any reason.)

Back at Home packing was just begging to be started. But first a 2 hour long convo and many 'g'bye' messages to reply to. Then of course I had to rescue my socks from the evil Mickey monster and finally trying to decide what music to listen to whilst packing...

Now I'd better start packing seeing as I'll be leaving for the airport in 8.5 hours.

But look on the bright side - Freddie is letting us take her computer, so you won't be missing out on my 'Merry Ca" adventure.

Don't move a muscle - we'll be right back...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Majestic Cranberry...

Who drinks tea with sugar? I don't. Do I?

Friday night was relaxing. I didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything. In fact, after the meal Little Brother showed up - story-time began (we just LOVE possums) and when there was a another knock on the door we were surprised to see Doron but we let him in (because we are nice like that) and storytime continued. I even got a 'Fox in Socks' reading, with a British Accent (rack another one up for the list.) Then I fell asleep on the sofa and at 4 in the morning I moved upstairs to my room, where I stayed until 11.

Yeah, I didn't make it shul this week (again.) But, I figure - in my defense, I'll go next week. (I mean, it'll be starting at 9:30 and it'll be right downstairs, right?) Lunch was light and late and חלבי. After an extended shabbos-shluff I made my way (all alone, I might add) to Saba and Savta's house. I shmoozed with Savta, Saba left for shul, and I ate some nuts (cause I'm not crazy enough.) Little Brother showed up (surprisingly enough) so I showed him some wedding albums and we spent some quality time together. (Without any possums I might add.)

After הבדלה Saba drove us back to our side of town. I spent some time with Brenda and Tamar and some more time with Freddie and Little Brother.

In reality, tonight I need to clean up my bedroom and start packing for my trip. I have to be on a relatively early bus back to The City for work tomorrow and after 8 hours at the office and a trip to the Ahava store for Rachel, I need to make my way back Home to finish getting ready for my trip.

But first, Brenda made some yummy potatos.

Anybody want a wedgie? ;)

שבוע טוב...

Friday, January 12, 2007

"Please Excuse My Curious Georges"

Is Bissli REALLY deep-fried pasta? Something in my mind says, "that's impossible." But then I remember my old motto of "nothing is impossible, only hard to achieve." Still, I don't think I'll be eating Bissli any time in the near future.

It reminds me of Shel Silverstein's poem about cantaloupe under the microscope.

I leave for Merry Ca on Monday -
that is just two vacation days and one working day away!
I'm actually quite excited to be getting this little break.
A week without a cell-phone or routine to speak of.

And of course:

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

Have a SPLENDIFEROUS Shabbos!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apple Flavored Water...

Woke up VERY early. Went to work an hour early. (Why oh why do I get such sadistic pleasure from working overtime at that place?!?! It's not even like I enjoy it - but I just do it and do it.)

Spent two hours at Graphos Print trying to get 400-something papers into some semblance of order and bound. It only required cutting all of the papers (twice) and papercuts and patience to figure out at what point one copy ended and at what point the second began.

Eventually the errands were done, so I went back to the office and tried desperately to finish the piles of work from atop my desk. I left 15 minutes late, but it was still 45 minutes earlier than usual. I made my way downstairs and out to find the rest of the Polly Girls. We 'shuked' and then piled into the car to pick up my stuff from The Ranch and then off to the Mivaseret Mall (where I finally decided to splurge on myself and so I got myself a pretty pair of earrings and a necklace to match. They aren't overly sparkly, but they certainly are pretty and I like them - which is (in my humble opinion) quite good enough.

Back at Home, Z came over and I (finally) got to meet Tonny. We played Boggle and I almost won. (Right?) Then Mommy and I headed out for some grocery shopping, so we dropped the boys off and headed to SuperDeal. (I just love the names of the grocery stores around here. Especially when you say them with the right singsong accent!!!)

Gotta go find my bedroom and unpack or is it pack?!
I am sooo utterly confused.
I know - first things first.
Steal Sammy's music.
I'm on it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Use Them Shamelessly...

Late start this morning - I couldn't help it - it was just soooo cold.

Finding clothes was one of those endless parades of oufits that just wouldn't work. So I settled on pink.

Freddie called me and asked where I was. Perfect timing as it turned out so we walked to my office together. She even came to keep me company while I did pointless stuff in the office. (But really, those address books are VITAL to the business...) She left eventually and went to buy a new skirt - at which she was successful. Then she came back to the office and eventually we escaped from the confines of the 'working' prison on the pretense of 'errands' for the office. Hey, it worked. And we WERE trying to find the 'hoover bags' for the boss... We picked up some fresh laffahs at the shuk and parted ways at about 1ish and I made my way back to the office.

I stayed at work 1/2 an hour late (not that they will even notice or care) and I can't believe that with the amount that I accomplished today that there is still SOOOOO much on my to-do list from yesterday, to do tomorrow.

Caught a 21 out to Bayit V'gan, because it's alumni week and Rabbi Lauffer was SUPPOSED to be teaching. Sadly, I walked from classroom to classroom and was unable to locate him or the other visiting people. Dejectedly I trudged back to the bus stop. (Ok, I didn't REALLY trugde, dejectedly - but they ARE 2 FANTASTIC words.) Nonetheless, I did wait for a bus to take me right back down Herzl to my side of town and back to The Ranch.

And so - instead of making secondary plans or reworking my schedule or going swimming or calling a friend or doing anything useful, I have decided that it is a sign from the PTB that I should take 1 night before flying across the pond to contemplate and relax.

Personally I do not believe that there could be ANY better possible way to do just that than getting comfortable on the couch with Toffee and my new book - or maybe even a classic movie...

Ever After?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Will You Be My Belgian Waffle?...

PLEASE?! With whipped cream and some apples and cinnamon on top?!

So, it was a typical Tuesday. Straightened my hair, ran out for some breakfast with Chaya and wound up shlepping a vacuum and foot-spa-majigit back to the office. Typical. No?

Played yoyo for about 9 hours and did my fair share of typing, phone answering and hiding out in the graphics aquarium. (But I suppose at this point that the 'hiding out' is a given. Right?)

After work I headed over to my Big Sis's house for some 'quality time' - first we 'bonded' in Blockbuster (NEVER send the 2 most indecisive people that you know to a place with more than 10 choices in more than 3 categories. Oh yes, and it goes without saying that a minimum of 30 options is WAAAY too many for people as indecisive as these indecisive people are.) But we managed. Somehow.

Last stop of the night was some breakfast for supper followed by some more bonding and finally the 'goodnight' and then the trip back the The Ranch.

I will not lie, I actually bussed. (Well, it was cold out and I wasn't wearing sneakers.)

Speaking of sneakers - I guess I need to add those to my Merry Ca list, because the pair I've been wearing for the last 2 years didn't hold up as well as hoped and lately, wearing them has literally begun to destroy the skin by my achilles tendon. Is that a problem? I dunno. But it certainly doesn't look very pretty. *sigh* goody, another necessary item to pick up with my dwindling monetary stores. I thought I worked so that I could buy fun accessories and toys, now I am realizing that there is no room for that - things must be practical before they can be fun.

Wow, 2 nights in a row I write about fun, or lack thereof. Funny thing is, I haven't actually had a bad day. I guess my mind is beginning to thaw once again. It does this every once in a while - stay posted, there may even be some intellectually stimulating posts on the way.

Brace yourselves...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Facebook, Nosepaper, Fingerbottle, Toewarmer!!!

My finger is sore. I am exhausted, but not in a tired way - in a weary way. The world is wearing me down and all I can think is, "I'm too young for this to happen to me! I don't want to walk around bent over and under pressure! I want to be happy and carefree! I want to be able to do what I want to do!" Unfortunately, in order to acheive a comfort level of existence in order to enable myself to do what I want - I need to subject myself to the responsibilities and rules of the 'real world.'

Unfair and no fun, say I.

Work was the usual, though there was lots of whispering and 'tattle-tale-telling' going on. I'm not on the hit-list? I dunno, that seems a little sketch to me, no? Chaya and I ducked out for lunch. Salad was good but honestly, 5 hours IS a long time to eat one.

Walked both ways today and then went swimming with Shosh. I managed 70 lengths this week. I probably could have done more, but it was soooo cold and I was soooo lazy. Hey, at least I'm getting SOME exercise. Right?

I am a HUGE fan of HOT showers. Especially after a looooong day. However, I have this fettish regarding actually smelling clean when getting out of the shower. This crazy randomness DOES extend to clean laundry as well. I can't help it - I'm just strange like that.

Today was definitely a Bryan Adams kind of day...

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Early wake up to say g'bye to my partner. She left on a jet plane. Be"H I will be seeing her again sometime soon.

Made my way to work and let's just say that the office was in an uproar. Much unrest and turmoil brewing. Expect mildly horrific and possibly some ironically amusing stories of a mutiny or coup at some point in the near future.

Left the office 20 minutes late for no reason in particular and managed to slice open my numb fingertip with the safety-pin that had been doubling as a zipper pull on the stubborn sticky zipper of my winter coat. (Now I remember why I need a new coat AND why I haven't worn the one that I have in quite a long while.)

Walked back to The Ranch in the pouring rain. It wasn't conducive to anything except for keeping my fingers numb and thereby postponing the searing pain of the 'cut' detailed above.

Back at The Ranch I actually made some dinner and did nothing much of consequence.

I think I have plans for EVERY night until I leave for Merry Ca.

I leave in one week from tomorrow - but - more about that tomorrow...

(Song of the day: Move Along - Artist: Maroon 5.)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'd Kiss Him... ;)

Frantic phone call on Erev Shabbos, "I'm sick, how upset would you be if I didn't come?"

Friday night I walked with Shani and wandered around the Givaah to a bunch of random places, namely to Matan's house and to the Green's. Back on The Street we jumped in the biggest puddles that we could find.

Shabbos morning I wound up sleeping in and didn't make it out to shul. Shalom braved the rain and came for lunch. After the meal an unexpected surprise visitor showed up - and I got 2 stories out of the deal! After a game of Rummikub and some more teddy-time Shabbos was over.

After havdala Shalom fixed my ipod/computer communication problem and now my ipod is syncable once again. Then I ran out to catch the bus that never came. Finally I made it back to The Ranch - only almost 2 hours late for our party.

What party?

Well, there are sooooo many Afikei Nuts around that we decided it ONLY made sense for us ALL to get together and spend some quality time. So, Shosh and Deborah arranged an amazing reunion/melava malka. 30-35 people showed up and we had food, divrei torah and a generally amazing time!

Now it's very very late and we're still sitting around with some of our friends whom we have missed - but as always it is AMAZING to be spending time with them.

Shavua Tov and Smile - tomorrow could always be sooo much worse... ;)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Is Soap Self-Cleaning?

Check out the time of this post. I honestly haven't done this in a loooong while, however, lack of sleep and lack of will to sleep are definitely the motivating factors behind writing this insanely random rambling. As generally is the case, be forewarned that the thoughts outlined in this blurb are chaotic, ridiculous, unrelated and generally mine.

The truth is that I'm not sure what to say. In fact, I am at a complete loss for something worthwhile and insightful or even moderately interesting to share with you my reader.

Now that I think of it, Rudyard Kipling was certainly onto something by referring to his readers as his, 'Best Beloved' - granted, the 'Just So' stories were written for an entirely different caliber person than the norm of society at large today - but I like to think that there are still some who can appreciate the witty brilliance of such wild imaginings.

I realized that if I can just 'hang in' for 10 more days I will be leaving for Merry Ca on a jet plane for a week of...for a week of...why am I going again? Oh yes, vacation. Haha, funny that. How relaxing will it honestly be? I HATE leaving The Holy Land - even when it is by choice. Why didn't I just agree to take a friend and go up north for a week?! Why are a plane ride and 6,000 miles the only way to drag me out of my mind-numbingly ridiculous routine? I wonder.

My toes are cold. Not just cold, but they are so cold that they are painful. If they were numb and I couldn't feel them it would be one thing, but they are only cold to the pain point and there they linger. I wish my feet would warm up. They are currently in 2 pairs of socks and covered by 5 blankets. What more can I realistically do?

Freddie won't be Home for Shabbos but Little Brother, Shani, Zalman, Shalom and everyone else will be. Am I a terrible person for just wanting to crawl into a quiet corner and ignore everyone?

In response to the 'anonymous comment' left on last night's post (Papers in the Wall...) my life always sounds "so interesting" because I make it sound like that. First of all, it is all in how you look at it. There is almost NOBODY in the world who doesn't have ANY reason to smile, at least once in a day. Focus on the good and you will find the good. Secondly, I love telling stories and generally to keep most people interested, the stories that you tell have to be fun and interesting - so, in my 'cutely self-indulgent' blog (as my father once termed it) I grant myself the poetic license to make things sound as good as I want them to sound. Trust me, I'm only human. When I get back to The Ranch after being woken up at 7:00am by 'somebody' shuffling around in their slippers, and then 9 hours at the office (usually without a bathroom break let alone a lunch break) well, let's just say, my 'happy face' isn't necessarily the one that I have on. But when it comes to writing down the memories and the log of what I accomplished or at least how I spent my time that day - better to focus on the positive and make it sound as good and memorable as possible.

I mean seriously, how many people actually revel in detailing their defeats in writing for the general public?

Maybe I am being silly and naive, but I can't think of many.

Somehow it strikes me as amusing to announce to the world;

"Check me out - I totally got creamed in the last competition..."


"How awesome is that?! (S)he totally kicked my butt!!!

Yeah, that's what I thought...

Have a GREAT Shabbos!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Niiiice, 98% Shirtless...

The adventure began when I dragged myself out of bed and cleaned up my room so that the girls who will be staying there over Shabbos wouldn't have to deal with socks who have gotten lost in my bed and many many tissues and gum wrappers in all sorts of assorted places.

There was an adorable puppy on the bus on the way to the office, but there wasn't much time to stare. Darn short bus-rides.

Work was the usual, though everyone left early - so by 3 I was the only one left in the office, with 3 ridiculously demanding bosses and a mountain range worth of work. Luckily, (for me) I was in a 'not-willing-to-please' type mood, so when I finished my work, I walked out rather than sticking around to get move piled on my desk. Good move, if I do say so myself.

Missed the bus (darn security checks) and then wound up on a 415 because I didn't have the zitsfleish to wait around for another 15 minutes to take a 420. Only once I was on the bus did I remember that I had neglected to charge my i-pod. Luckily there was enough juice left in it to get me Home. So, I snuggled with Toffee and enjoyed the ride.

At Home I saw Michalie and crocheted right handed (which is NOT and I repeat NOT easy for me, for the obvious reasons.) Watched a movie with Mommy, Brenda and Eli - got interrupted a few times - but, on the bright side, the Dibble got his toenails cut. (Such a strange child.)

Ok, back to knitting for me. Little Brother's scarf is taking me waaaay too long to finish.

Someday. Right?

I do hope Shani passed along my message - not that it made any difference to the intended recipient.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Papers in the Wall...

"Today is a new day. You will get out of it just what you put into it... If you have made mistakes, even serious mistakes, there is always another chance for you...for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down." --Mary Pickford

Work was the usual. After leaving the office I headed over to my Big Sis's house. Now that she lives in the city I can visit her much more easily. We kinda just chilled for a couple of hours and then I headed off to the Old City to meet up with Shosh and Debs.

Maariv at the Kotel follow by a loooong #2 bus ride. We wound up at Center 1 for pizza and ice cream for dinner (at 11:30 at night) and then made our way back to The Ranch - only jaywalking where absolutely necessary. Right? Ok, not really. I think.

Reading poetry and thinking of me? Good gracious.

"Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present." --Marcus Aurelius

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scruffy Fluffy's Oversized Bladder...

I was grouchy today. Ok, so not really - but - somebody thought that I was. Actually I was just very VERY mellow.

Work was quiet because most of the bosses weren't in for most of the day.

Went to the 'far away' post office and walked with my Sis.

Walked back to The Ranch and left soon after to go shopping at the new זול ובגדול (the place that looks like a car sales place in the States.) Deborah came with me and we met up with Shosh and did our 'BIG' shopping. At least this time they didn't card me. I guess it was worth it to wear cute clothes, contacts and straighten my hair. :P

On the way back to The Ranch, while drinking שוקוs, we bumped into Chava!!!

Back at The Ranch we started unpacking the groceries and there was a knock on the door...

Tzivi & Adina are in The Holy Land. Plus, Julie and Alli are here - and I even got to speak to Jules on the phone!!!

Mrs. Hamer is on her way to The Holy Land and we are getting ready for our Motz"ash Melava Malka reunion thingy at The Ranch!

I'm getting sooooo excited!!!

Tomorrow night - quality bonding time with my sis.

Things just keep getting better and better!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Lap Lap Lap...

What is this new trend of waking up early and REALLY not wanting to get out of bed?

Walked to the office and got a phone call for Toffee on the way (speaking of which, I guess I should pass on the message.)

Took an extended lunch break with my Sis. Bagels and boots.

Left the office 15 minutes late and walked back to The Ranch, stopping on the way to buy Scruffy Fluffy a new bladder.

Quick change into my bathing suit, lost my keys, almost forgot to pack a towel, ate some doritos, lost my T.Z., found all of the lost stuff and headed out for some swimming.

The pool was basically deserted, which was nice.

After 25 laps I was beat. We headed to the store to find some fries and ketchup then made our back to The Ranch for hot chocolate and fries.

Darn my tichel - he was cute.

Oh well, next time. ;)