Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apple Flavored Water...

Woke up VERY early. Went to work an hour early. (Why oh why do I get such sadistic pleasure from working overtime at that place?!?! It's not even like I enjoy it - but I just do it and do it.)

Spent two hours at Graphos Print trying to get 400-something papers into some semblance of order and bound. It only required cutting all of the papers (twice) and papercuts and patience to figure out at what point one copy ended and at what point the second began.

Eventually the errands were done, so I went back to the office and tried desperately to finish the piles of work from atop my desk. I left 15 minutes late, but it was still 45 minutes earlier than usual. I made my way downstairs and out to find the rest of the Polly Girls. We 'shuked' and then piled into the car to pick up my stuff from The Ranch and then off to the Mivaseret Mall (where I finally decided to splurge on myself and so I got myself a pretty pair of earrings and a necklace to match. They aren't overly sparkly, but they certainly are pretty and I like them - which is (in my humble opinion) quite good enough.

Back at Home, Z came over and I (finally) got to meet Tonny. We played Boggle and I almost won. (Right?) Then Mommy and I headed out for some grocery shopping, so we dropped the boys off and headed to SuperDeal. (I just love the names of the grocery stores around here. Especially when you say them with the right singsong accent!!!)

Gotta go find my bedroom and unpack or is it pack?!
I am sooo utterly confused.
I know - first things first.
Steal Sammy's music.
I'm on it.

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