Sunday, January 07, 2007


Early wake up to say g'bye to my partner. She left on a jet plane. Be"H I will be seeing her again sometime soon.

Made my way to work and let's just say that the office was in an uproar. Much unrest and turmoil brewing. Expect mildly horrific and possibly some ironically amusing stories of a mutiny or coup at some point in the near future.

Left the office 20 minutes late for no reason in particular and managed to slice open my numb fingertip with the safety-pin that had been doubling as a zipper pull on the stubborn sticky zipper of my winter coat. (Now I remember why I need a new coat AND why I haven't worn the one that I have in quite a long while.)

Walked back to The Ranch in the pouring rain. It wasn't conducive to anything except for keeping my fingers numb and thereby postponing the searing pain of the 'cut' detailed above.

Back at The Ranch I actually made some dinner and did nothing much of consequence.

I think I have plans for EVERY night until I leave for Merry Ca.

I leave in one week from tomorrow - but - more about that tomorrow...

(Song of the day: Move Along - Artist: Maroon 5.)

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