Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today should have been MY day. I actually gave my current employers the 'two weeks notice' that I will be leaving my office. They were not pleased (to say the least) but it is for the better. Though, I will miss my co-workers.

After work I made my way to TM where I met Shalom and we took the bus back to בית שמש. I got 'presents' (what is blush?) and speeches and went to bed relatively early.

I can't help it that I have big dreams and high standards. I was taught to strive for the best (within reason) and to give my 'all' to the things that I do - whether or not I will receive recognition for them. I was also brought up not to expect recognition for every little thing that I do.

All around I think that I am a pretty sensible person. I do not often do dangerously reckless things and I am not in the habit of doing stupid things.

Yes, I can be loud and friendly, but I also have a very quiet side that really just wants to curl up into a ball and disappear from the world.

Maybe when everyone stops telling me that I am shallow, judgemental and that my standards are nothing more than overly high ridiculously fanciful notions - then I will stop feeling so terrible.

After all, I only expect from others what I expect from myself.

I do not expect perfection - but it's damn near close...


tnspr569 said...

Keep your chin up, Lori!

I think you're on the right path!

yo' meanma said...

There is the remote possibility that if you listen to what people are saying when they give you advice instead of jumping to conclusions that we are all out to get you, you wouldn't feel that you are "shallow, judgmental and that your standards are nothing more than overly high ridiculously fanciful notions" When you learn to take constructive criticism and use it to improve yourself, that is when you will "stop feeling so terrible."