Thursday, January 25, 2007


You know those colors that you think can only be found in a box of Crayola crayons? Well, this morning I managed to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful shade of deep aquamarine eyes that I have EVER seen. Would you believe that I actually went into the office today? No, I didn't sleep last night and yes I went to work. Luckily my boss wasn't there so I filed and did a lot of nothing. Then the Mr. Boss let me go Home early - which was nice.
At Home all was as normal as anything in my house ever is. Mommy is still in Merry Ca so the family is fending for themselves.
Frankly, we're doing ok - so long as you keep us away from the camera... (Mommy!!! Come HOME!!!)
Eli made us pizza-y things for dinner and Freddie made a BIG pot of veggie soup (with mushrooms?)
Freddie and I were supposed to clean our room - but it's 11:30 and we still haven't even thought abut starting. (Though, we did manage to make up the beds for most of the Gordon Family who will be joining us for Shabbat.)
I was supposed to read 'Wacky Wednesday' and 'Sam and the Firefly' to the Dibble - but while I was upstairs trying to dig them out of my suitcase he fell asleep. I guess he really was tired...
Brenda hasn't been feeling well. As a matter of fact I didn't even see her tonight. She locked herself in her room and went straight to sleep when she gt Home from school. I hope she's feeling better tomorrow. :(
Here is Daddy playing GPS and trying to help Mr. Gordon navigate the streets of Yerushalayim.

Meanwhile, Freddie is practicing piano and I SHOULD be getting some sleep. But first we really really need to clean our room. Shani came over earlier and said it was messy - and when Shani agrees that our room is messy... it is in REALLY bad shape.
With my crazy hectic schedule tomorrow all I can say is,
G'nite and a Splendiferous Shabbos to all!

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