Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Four Chin Cookies...

So between 4-5 A.M. I worked on Little Brother's scarf. Maybe it'll be done by the time that I get Home...

Went to Tova's parsha shiur and then we took Rabbi C's car and headed out.

First stop - Levy's for some breakfast.

Second stop - Target!!! Ok, so we spent almost 3 hours there. So much fun!!!

Third stop - THE Mall!!! I even managed to find a coat and shoes! How incredible is that?!

Last stop of the day was the Gordon's for dinner. They are leaving for The Holy Land tomorrow morning so we wanted to get in some 'quality time' before they fly off. Chinese and shmoozing and then we took their car and headed back to Chabad.

I drove!!! Hahahaha!!!! I had almost forgotten how much fun it was to drive the crazy windy roads around here in the pitch darkness!

CHANALE quality time!!! She's here! Gotta go bond!!

Yay! Let the party begin! :)

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