Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'd Kiss Him... ;)

Frantic phone call on Erev Shabbos, "I'm sick, how upset would you be if I didn't come?"

Friday night I walked with Shani and wandered around the Givaah to a bunch of random places, namely to Matan's house and to the Green's. Back on The Street we jumped in the biggest puddles that we could find.

Shabbos morning I wound up sleeping in and didn't make it out to shul. Shalom braved the rain and came for lunch. After the meal an unexpected surprise visitor showed up - and I got 2 stories out of the deal! After a game of Rummikub and some more teddy-time Shabbos was over.

After havdala Shalom fixed my ipod/computer communication problem and now my ipod is syncable once again. Then I ran out to catch the bus that never came. Finally I made it back to The Ranch - only almost 2 hours late for our party.

What party?

Well, there are sooooo many Afikei Nuts around that we decided it ONLY made sense for us ALL to get together and spend some quality time. So, Shosh and Deborah arranged an amazing reunion/melava malka. 30-35 people showed up and we had food, divrei torah and a generally amazing time!

Now it's very very late and we're still sitting around with some of our friends whom we have missed - but as always it is AMAZING to be spending time with them.

Shavua Tov and Smile - tomorrow could always be sooo much worse... ;)

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