Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"I'm sweeping, I'm sweeping..."

That was one of the quickest plane rides I think I have ever been on from North America to Israel. A nice lady sat in the window seat, the middle seat was empty and I had the aisle. I even managed to sleep for a couple of hours.

Back in The Holy Land Zalman surprised me at the airport then Daddy and The Dibble picked me up and Home we went.

Dibble 'helped' unpack my suitcases in an effort to uncover the 'presents' that I brought Home for him.

Eventually Brenda helped me shlep everything upstairs to the tower and then we had some sister bonding time over the movie "Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights." The music was amazing and the dancing was HOT! At least, I thought so.

Now I'm trying to find a surface to sleep on and in the morning I'm off to Jeru for a full day of work.

Vacation is over and it stinks BIG-TIME.

Down with work!!!
Down with...


yo' meanma said...

hey I wanna see the movie too :(
can we do anther showing when I get home???

Lorelai said...

Betach ;)