Friday, January 05, 2007

Is Soap Self-Cleaning?

Check out the time of this post. I honestly haven't done this in a loooong while, however, lack of sleep and lack of will to sleep are definitely the motivating factors behind writing this insanely random rambling. As generally is the case, be forewarned that the thoughts outlined in this blurb are chaotic, ridiculous, unrelated and generally mine.

The truth is that I'm not sure what to say. In fact, I am at a complete loss for something worthwhile and insightful or even moderately interesting to share with you my reader.

Now that I think of it, Rudyard Kipling was certainly onto something by referring to his readers as his, 'Best Beloved' - granted, the 'Just So' stories were written for an entirely different caliber person than the norm of society at large today - but I like to think that there are still some who can appreciate the witty brilliance of such wild imaginings.

I realized that if I can just 'hang in' for 10 more days I will be leaving for Merry Ca on a jet plane for a week of...for a week of...why am I going again? Oh yes, vacation. Haha, funny that. How relaxing will it honestly be? I HATE leaving The Holy Land - even when it is by choice. Why didn't I just agree to take a friend and go up north for a week?! Why are a plane ride and 6,000 miles the only way to drag me out of my mind-numbingly ridiculous routine? I wonder.

My toes are cold. Not just cold, but they are so cold that they are painful. If they were numb and I couldn't feel them it would be one thing, but they are only cold to the pain point and there they linger. I wish my feet would warm up. They are currently in 2 pairs of socks and covered by 5 blankets. What more can I realistically do?

Freddie won't be Home for Shabbos but Little Brother, Shani, Zalman, Shalom and everyone else will be. Am I a terrible person for just wanting to crawl into a quiet corner and ignore everyone?

In response to the 'anonymous comment' left on last night's post (Papers in the Wall...) my life always sounds "so interesting" because I make it sound like that. First of all, it is all in how you look at it. There is almost NOBODY in the world who doesn't have ANY reason to smile, at least once in a day. Focus on the good and you will find the good. Secondly, I love telling stories and generally to keep most people interested, the stories that you tell have to be fun and interesting - so, in my 'cutely self-indulgent' blog (as my father once termed it) I grant myself the poetic license to make things sound as good as I want them to sound. Trust me, I'm only human. When I get back to The Ranch after being woken up at 7:00am by 'somebody' shuffling around in their slippers, and then 9 hours at the office (usually without a bathroom break let alone a lunch break) well, let's just say, my 'happy face' isn't necessarily the one that I have on. But when it comes to writing down the memories and the log of what I accomplished or at least how I spent my time that day - better to focus on the positive and make it sound as good and memorable as possible.

I mean seriously, how many people actually revel in detailing their defeats in writing for the general public?

Maybe I am being silly and naive, but I can't think of many.

Somehow it strikes me as amusing to announce to the world;

"Check me out - I totally got creamed in the last competition..."


"How awesome is that?! (S)he totally kicked my butt!!!

Yeah, that's what I thought...

Have a GREAT Shabbos!

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