Monday, January 01, 2007

Lap Lap Lap...

What is this new trend of waking up early and REALLY not wanting to get out of bed?

Walked to the office and got a phone call for Toffee on the way (speaking of which, I guess I should pass on the message.)

Took an extended lunch break with my Sis. Bagels and boots.

Left the office 15 minutes late and walked back to The Ranch, stopping on the way to buy Scruffy Fluffy a new bladder.

Quick change into my bathing suit, lost my keys, almost forgot to pack a towel, ate some doritos, lost my T.Z., found all of the lost stuff and headed out for some swimming.

The pool was basically deserted, which was nice.

After 25 laps I was beat. We headed to the store to find some fries and ketchup then made our back to The Ranch for hot chocolate and fries.

Darn my tichel - he was cute.

Oh well, next time. ;)

1 comment:

Swimming partner said...

For all those who don't realize- 25 laps is 50 lengths...Now doesn't 50 sound better than 25. Ya he was cute, even from a shtark yeshiva. And we forgot to thank the anonymous person for leaving the dud on all day so that during the shower the water kept getting hotter and hotter (Now that's a first)...