Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Majestic Cranberry...

Who drinks tea with sugar? I don't. Do I?

Friday night was relaxing. I didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything. In fact, after the meal Little Brother showed up - story-time began (we just LOVE possums) and when there was a another knock on the door we were surprised to see Doron but we let him in (because we are nice like that) and storytime continued. I even got a 'Fox in Socks' reading, with a British Accent (rack another one up for the list.) Then I fell asleep on the sofa and at 4 in the morning I moved upstairs to my room, where I stayed until 11.

Yeah, I didn't make it shul this week (again.) But, I figure - in my defense, I'll go next week. (I mean, it'll be starting at 9:30 and it'll be right downstairs, right?) Lunch was light and late and חלבי. After an extended shabbos-shluff I made my way (all alone, I might add) to Saba and Savta's house. I shmoozed with Savta, Saba left for shul, and I ate some nuts (cause I'm not crazy enough.) Little Brother showed up (surprisingly enough) so I showed him some wedding albums and we spent some quality time together. (Without any possums I might add.)

After הבדלה Saba drove us back to our side of town. I spent some time with Brenda and Tamar and some more time with Freddie and Little Brother.

In reality, tonight I need to clean up my bedroom and start packing for my trip. I have to be on a relatively early bus back to The City for work tomorrow and after 8 hours at the office and a trip to the Ahava store for Rachel, I need to make my way back Home to finish getting ready for my trip.

But first, Brenda made some yummy potatos.

Anybody want a wedgie? ;)

שבוע טוב...

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'Yo Abba said...

Dear Daughter -

In the future, when you see that I have fallen soundly asleep in the big comfy chair, I kindly request that you not admit every kid in the neighborhood to a Dr. Seuss read-a-thon in our living room.

Come to think of it, how is it possible that I slept through all of that... I do have a vague recollection of Fox in Sox being read in an English accent.

Secondly, when I awoke at 11:36, you should know that I did attempt to wake you and send you up to your own sleeping chamber.

Shavoua Tov!

'Yo Abba