Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mint Chocolate Chip...

Wake up was 5 AM. Which would have been ok, except for the fact that I felt obligated to work on the scarf until 7ish.

We made it out at about 10 and headed towards Lakewood.

Our only real goal of the day was to get my new coat tested for sha'atnez.

Along rt. 9 we did parts of the '9 run' - stopping at TJ Maxx (where I got the yummiest king size fuzzy blanket - which mommy exclaimed would be, "perfect for cuddling in...") and Michael's where we picked up a ton of arts-n-crafts stuff (the best deal being the $1 skeins of 'fun yarn' which I got quite a few of for yet another project to add to the plate - fun pillows for the couch. Funnily enough, the yarn reminds me of Grover.) We did a quick run through NPGS for candy corn and jelly-beans and we even picked up some bagels.

Finally the sha'atnez lab was open so we dropped off my coat and they obliged us by checking it 'on the spot' - b"H it was pronounced "kosher" - so armed with my new coat we headed off to Kohl's.

In the next few hours I; lost Mommy, almost lost the phone, found tee-shirts and chose more new socks than anyone could ever need.

Finally we headed back to the Chazanow's and once there we shlepped our bags upstairs and crashed in the kitchen.

It's so nice to be staying at Chabad, because I really have missed the hustle and bustle. Only now (after how many years?!) I am realizing HOW MUCH the Chazanow's do and how busy the 'central-command' of the community really is. It is incredible how many things are precariously balanced while other things are in the works and other productions are seamlessly 'pulled-off' all simultaneously.

Well, I find it amazing and frankly, the only thing that I can say that I truly miss is the insanity of having a REALLY open house in conjunction with the Chabad of Western Monmouth County.

I wouldn't give up living in Israel for anything - but I certainly wish that the amazing work that is being conducted in this small township of NJ could be 'outsourced' to some random little country in the Middle-East.

Like maybe,


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