Sunday, January 21, 2007

Missin the Guys & the Good Ol' Days...

Started my day with a smile and a reminder that things are all out of my control and in the hands of a power much greater than little me.

Mommy and I headed out to the Danzigers for some family time. Grandpa and Pearl stopped by and parts of the Miller family came too. The food was great, the chips were rippled, the entertainment was great and looking through the photo album of their recent trip to The Holy Land really made me chalish to get back to the Old City, the Kotel and Home in general.

After family time we headed out to Target (again) - It really is a fun store. Then we went to Best Buy where I picked up the original 'Land Before Time' on DVD! :)

Back at Chabad we learned the difference between noodles and pasta.
Now we're going to make Rice Krispy Treats - but first, Marshmellow Fluff!!!

I can't believe my trip is almost over. :(
But there's still tomorrow and Tuesday. :)
And though I DO miss Home. :(
I certainly am enjoying vacation. :)

Still, at the end of the day - I can't wait to get Home!


~{~~@ said...

and you especially can't wait to get back to the zoo, right?!?!

Sholom said...

You've been featured by Rafi, congratulations.

...and for the requisite shameless self-promotion: Don't click here!

tnspr569 said...

Which guys would you happen to be missing?