Thursday, January 04, 2007

Niiiice, 98% Shirtless...

The adventure began when I dragged myself out of bed and cleaned up my room so that the girls who will be staying there over Shabbos wouldn't have to deal with socks who have gotten lost in my bed and many many tissues and gum wrappers in all sorts of assorted places.

There was an adorable puppy on the bus on the way to the office, but there wasn't much time to stare. Darn short bus-rides.

Work was the usual, though everyone left early - so by 3 I was the only one left in the office, with 3 ridiculously demanding bosses and a mountain range worth of work. Luckily, (for me) I was in a 'not-willing-to-please' type mood, so when I finished my work, I walked out rather than sticking around to get move piled on my desk. Good move, if I do say so myself.

Missed the bus (darn security checks) and then wound up on a 415 because I didn't have the zitsfleish to wait around for another 15 minutes to take a 420. Only once I was on the bus did I remember that I had neglected to charge my i-pod. Luckily there was enough juice left in it to get me Home. So, I snuggled with Toffee and enjoyed the ride.

At Home I saw Michalie and crocheted right handed (which is NOT and I repeat NOT easy for me, for the obvious reasons.) Watched a movie with Mommy, Brenda and Eli - got interrupted a few times - but, on the bright side, the Dibble got his toenails cut. (Such a strange child.)

Ok, back to knitting for me. Little Brother's scarf is taking me waaaay too long to finish.

Someday. Right?

I do hope Shani passed along my message - not that it made any difference to the intended recipient.

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