Thursday, January 18, 2007

Saran Wrapped Toes...

We actually slept in this morning and wound up getting a late start.

First I chilled with Reva and then after putting the 'babies' to sleep and some ice-cream, Mommy and I headed out. First we stopped off in Highland Park to visit with Mommy's friend Aviva and then we headed into Manhattan for some quality time with Aunt Sabrina and Robin.

On the way into the city the weather took a turn for the fuzzy as soft fluffy snowflakes lazily floated out of the sky. It was my second snow of the season and though fun, it was (as Uncle Michael pointed out) not as exciting as the snow in Jerusalem, mostly because in Jerusalem nobody knows how to drive in the stuff.

We met Aunt Sabrina and Robin at their building and got a chance to see Lisa's room completed and the kitchen. Then we headed out for some relaxation time. Pedicures followed by dinner. It was a wonderful way to spend a day - AND - no 'shopping' at all! :)

But, on our way back down rt. 9 we stopped off at Shoprite (for sentimental sorts of reasons - something special about a Thursday night shopping there) and we picked up some presents for some certain people - (of the chocolate and peanut butter variety...)

Back at Chabad I am ready to crash.

On tomorrow morning's agenda - Barnes & Noble.
New books for me!
I'm so excited!

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