Saturday, January 20, 2007

Schluffmaster 9000...

Ok - so that was decidedly the most wonderful Shabbos that I have spent away from Home in a VERY long time.

But I'm getting ahead of myself - as usual. Please allow me to digress...

So, our erev-shabbos trip to Freehold went very smoothly and we were quite successful. First at the mall (though we didn't go up the down escalator and down the up...) and then at Barnes and Noble. I could live in Barnes and Noble. Seriously, we walked in and I went straight to the Sci-Fi section where I sat down on the floor and made my way up and down the bottom three rows in all of the Sci-Fi aisles. Then of course, I repeated the procedure whilst standing.

By the time Shabbos came in I was more than ready for a break. The Friday night meal was long and hysterically funny - not to mention delicious. Between memory tests, stories in Spanish and letting me and Chanale sit next to each other - it was highly entertaining to say the least.

I made it to shul on time with no problem. (It really is nice to be able to roll out of bed, walk down a flight of stairs and be in shul.) The seudah was (obviously) incredible. The REAL treat was having the Danzigers join us at the Chazanow's table! It was absolutely wonderful! I am really glad that they agreed to come!!

By the time the seudah was over, Shabbos was almost over too.

Now we've got to find something fun to do. I'm hoping to get some more Chanale time in - I really do miss having her around.

Thanks for the cookies Tova! They were DEEEELISH!!!!!! :)

Shavuah tov!!!

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