Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scruffy Fluffy's Oversized Bladder...

I was grouchy today. Ok, so not really - but - somebody thought that I was. Actually I was just very VERY mellow.

Work was quiet because most of the bosses weren't in for most of the day.

Went to the 'far away' post office and walked with my Sis.

Walked back to The Ranch and left soon after to go shopping at the new זול ובגדול (the place that looks like a car sales place in the States.) Deborah came with me and we met up with Shosh and did our 'BIG' shopping. At least this time they didn't card me. I guess it was worth it to wear cute clothes, contacts and straighten my hair. :P

On the way back to The Ranch, while drinking שוקוs, we bumped into Chava!!!

Back at The Ranch we started unpacking the groceries and there was a knock on the door...

Tzivi & Adina are in The Holy Land. Plus, Julie and Alli are here - and I even got to speak to Jules on the phone!!!

Mrs. Hamer is on her way to The Holy Land and we are getting ready for our Motz"ash Melava Malka reunion thingy at The Ranch!

I'm getting sooooo excited!!!

Tomorrow night - quality bonding time with my sis.

Things just keep getting better and better!!!

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