Sunday, January 28, 2007

They Have No Idea...

Made my way back into The City with Dum this morning. Unacked my stuff at the Ranch and then headed off to the zoo. Worked for 8 hours straight with something along the lines of a 5 minute break and then left almost 20 minutes late. On my way back to the ranch I stopped off at the shuk and then again to find some שוקוs.

First I got to see Little Brother and give him his present. Eventually Freddie came over and we spent some quality time. First we made some really yummy soup and I forgot about the noodles. The we watched a movie while the potatos cooked. Of course, the soup wasn't ready until much later, so we watched another movie while we ate.

Now it is beyond bedtime. Adventures planned for tomorrow. Stepping ahead.
I'm not making a difference yet - but I'm getting there.

Something and Steady wins the race.
The question is, what is something?

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Baleboosteh said...

Hmmm, sounds like you have been quite busy...been on any dates lately??