Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Use Them Shamelessly...

Late start this morning - I couldn't help it - it was just soooo cold.

Finding clothes was one of those endless parades of oufits that just wouldn't work. So I settled on pink.

Freddie called me and asked where I was. Perfect timing as it turned out so we walked to my office together. She even came to keep me company while I did pointless stuff in the office. (But really, those address books are VITAL to the business...) She left eventually and went to buy a new skirt - at which she was successful. Then she came back to the office and eventually we escaped from the confines of the 'working' prison on the pretense of 'errands' for the office. Hey, it worked. And we WERE trying to find the 'hoover bags' for the boss... We picked up some fresh laffahs at the shuk and parted ways at about 1ish and I made my way back to the office.

I stayed at work 1/2 an hour late (not that they will even notice or care) and I can't believe that with the amount that I accomplished today that there is still SOOOOO much on my to-do list from yesterday, to do tomorrow.

Caught a 21 out to Bayit V'gan, because it's alumni week and Rabbi Lauffer was SUPPOSED to be teaching. Sadly, I walked from classroom to classroom and was unable to locate him or the other visiting people. Dejectedly I trudged back to the bus stop. (Ok, I didn't REALLY trugde, dejectedly - but they ARE 2 FANTASTIC words.) Nonetheless, I did wait for a bus to take me right back down Herzl to my side of town and back to The Ranch.

And so - instead of making secondary plans or reworking my schedule or going swimming or calling a friend or doing anything useful, I have decided that it is a sign from the PTB that I should take 1 night before flying across the pond to contemplate and relax.

Personally I do not believe that there could be ANY better possible way to do just that than getting comfortable on the couch with Toffee and my new book - or maybe even a classic movie...

Ever After?

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