Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Will You Be My Belgian Waffle?...

PLEASE?! With whipped cream and some apples and cinnamon on top?!

So, it was a typical Tuesday. Straightened my hair, ran out for some breakfast with Chaya and wound up shlepping a vacuum and foot-spa-majigit back to the office. Typical. No?

Played yoyo for about 9 hours and did my fair share of typing, phone answering and hiding out in the graphics aquarium. (But I suppose at this point that the 'hiding out' is a given. Right?)

After work I headed over to my Big Sis's house for some 'quality time' - first we 'bonded' in Blockbuster (NEVER send the 2 most indecisive people that you know to a place with more than 10 choices in more than 3 categories. Oh yes, and it goes without saying that a minimum of 30 options is WAAAY too many for people as indecisive as these indecisive people are.) But we managed. Somehow.

Last stop of the night was some breakfast for supper followed by some more bonding and finally the 'goodnight' and then the trip back the The Ranch.

I will not lie, I actually bussed. (Well, it was cold out and I wasn't wearing sneakers.)

Speaking of sneakers - I guess I need to add those to my Merry Ca list, because the pair I've been wearing for the last 2 years didn't hold up as well as hoped and lately, wearing them has literally begun to destroy the skin by my achilles tendon. Is that a problem? I dunno. But it certainly doesn't look very pretty. *sigh* goody, another necessary item to pick up with my dwindling monetary stores. I thought I worked so that I could buy fun accessories and toys, now I am realizing that there is no room for that - things must be practical before they can be fun.

Wow, 2 nights in a row I write about fun, or lack thereof. Funny thing is, I haven't actually had a bad day. I guess my mind is beginning to thaw once again. It does this every once in a while - stay posted, there may even be some intellectually stimulating posts on the way.

Brace yourselves...

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Evan said...

Thanks for posting on my blog.

BTW, it didn't sound like a bad day to me. Just all over the place.