Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blue Bottles & Ice Cream...

I woke up this morning feeling totally under the weather. So, I called in sick and decided to spend a day in bed.

I wound up going into Jeru with Mommy to help her choose out material to use for table-scaping the bat-mitzva this coming Shabbos and we also went out for a day early birthday lunch...

On our way out of The City we picked up Freddie from the Hopsickall and Brenda from her school at the end of the world.

Back at Home Freddie and I shirked responsibility and watched Moulin Rouge instead. After the movie, bleary eyed and crying, I made my way down to the kitchen and baked up a double batch of Rum N' Spice cookies (extra rum - hold the spice style.) They are for the bat-mitzva too.

Eventually Daddy drove us out to BIG so that we could catch the bus that we almost missed and back in Jeru Freddie headed back to her dorm and I made my way back to The Ranch.

I had almost forgotten how cold it is here.
It's downright ridiculous already.
I am ready for the spring.
Bring it on...


yo' meanma said...

Thanks for the yummy b'day lunch :)

Hope you're feeling better now.

Thanks for the COOKIES too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, Sorry to intrude on your blog! I need to speak to you - can you send me an email please - Tnanks. AM