Thursday, February 01, 2007

Detoxify. Cleanse. Begin Again...

Today was a normal stressful Thursday. Work and overwork. Then traffic on the way Home.

Saw Zalman and got some time together (even if all I did for close to an hour was kvetch. Speaking of which - you shouldn't just let me go on and on like that. You need to say, "Lori, shut up already and get over it.") But thanks for listening anyway and remember, absolutely NO appendage chewing! :P

Walked over to Saba and Savta's house and saw the pretty new door. Savta made me yummy hot chocolate and then Saba graciously drove me Home so I didn't have to walk in the chilly February night air. (Though it's only 10.3 degrees celsius.)

Now I'm thinking it's unwind time. The next 9 hours are all mine and I don't care if it's good or not but I am totally shutting down. No cell-phone. No computer. NOTHING.

Unless of course - you are REALLY special...

A random 'thought' for tonight:
"Fate loves the fearless." ~James Russell Lowell
What do you reckon?
I suppose it depends on whether you believe in 'fate' and what it is that you fear.

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Zalman said...

I'm a special child. People need to pay attention to me cause I'm special! special ed, special circumstances, special.. well you get the picture... anyway, I'm chewing on a cup and avoiding his appendages... but he did manage to invade my silly putty. He's been very naughty...