Monday, February 12, 2007

Elephant Love Medley...

I first woke up at 7 this morning and crawled out of my warm bed to turn on the Dud. I walked to the office and made my demands. I figured I'd get fired, considering all the things I wanted, but believe it on not - Mr. Boss Sr. said, "sure, whatever you want!" And that was the end of it. I walked out of his office wondering what one needs to do to get fired from the place! I can't decide whether to be pleased or not.

Back at The Ranch, Freddie made dinner and now we're going to watch The Land Before Time. VEEEERY random shout-out - LOVE YOU LITTLE BROTHER!!! (You're not mean - just slightly evil...) :P

In other news, 'Orange' sent me a message today. Does anyone care to translate - cause it's some sort of alien tounge. The message reads:

"Na etoy nedele v orangeday 100 minut besplatno na zvonki abonentam seti orange. Podrobnosti zapis' po telefonu *4050..."

Any ideas? I think it's a conspiracy plot.

On the plate for this week - boys boys boys.
Aren't we all having so much fun?
I like applesauce Freddie... :)

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